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Ruby Duncan is our April 18, 2010 pup of the week

I don't know how many of you are aware but Saturday night we came close to losing a very good friend and if it wasn't for the actions of her brave and smart Mom we would have.

Now you know us dogs. We are always searching for something to eat. We can't help it. Oh sure, we know our Mommy will feed us soon. But there is a nagging little bark in our brain that says she could start forgetting and we wouldn't get fed, so we must seek out our own food. And when we do, we get ourselves into trouble.

Take last night. Ruby Duncan decided she was a little hungry and began scrounging around looking for something to eat. She found some nice chicken tasting product and she scoffed it down. Yum.

A short time later poor Ruby got some rumblings in her tummy and then she began to throw up the chicken treat she had just eaten. Her Mommy came over to see what happened and on my gosh, it wasn't chicken treats at all, it was rat poison.

Ruby's Mom didn't panic. OK, she did. But she still kept a level head which is all that matters. She knew that if your dog ever takes poison that they should be given peroxide to slow down the poison. I did not know this but I am sure I will be educating my Mommy about it soon. Let's face it, if Pocket eats her poo, anything is game. Once she got the peroxide into little Ruby she rushed her to the dogspital.

The dogtors took wonderful care of her but they had to keep her overnight. Her Mom didn't get any good morning licks when the sun came up and she missed them very much. Ruby has eaten her breakfast and should be coming home soon. All she needs is some Vitamin C for a few weeks and she will be back to her normal, playing, licking self.

So Ruby is our pup of the week for teaching us a valuable lesson, watch what your eat, and remember, your Mom will always be feeding you so there is no reason to go into business for yourself. Also if you reading this make sure they are level headed like Ruby's Mom and know what to do if we do stick our nose where it doesn't belong.

So, for providing us an important lesson, and for her Mom's coolness in the face of an emergency, and also so she cuts herself a break and doesn't blame herself for something that wasn't her fault, we name Ruby Duncan our Pup of the Week.


  1. Thank goodness Ruby has a smart Mom! I had no idea that hydrogen peroxide would slow down the effects of the poison. Good job & great story! Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Vicki


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