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Zoe Boe is our April 4, 2010 pup of the week

Neither Pocket or I would ever use Pup of the Week for personal reason or gain. But this week we want to recognize one of our very favorite pups in the entire Brigade and her wonderful Mom.

It was last April when our Pup of the Week, Zoe Boe, and her Mom, teamed up to do their first picture of her two favorite lovable Yorkies (no offense Chelsea and Ashton, it's probably a tie.) It was the first envelope that ever came to the house addressed to us. We opened it and there we were, with rabbit ears on, and a basket full of eggs. It was the most wonderful thing we have ever seen.

Since then us two Yorkies have been featured in plenty of her pictures, Foley as the Queen of Pop, Pocket in her Senate Office, the two of us, Tanner and Zoe in Mount Dogmore. But she did more than just draw us (after all, when you have perfect subjects, how hard is the drawing?) There was the wonderful picture of Tanner reaching down from heaven to guide Ruger; of our diva Hattie Mae teaching Gracie to dance; Nigel the bartender; the pool party; and so many more.

Because of technical problems and the dwindling hours of the day, we did not get the Hump Day funnies for several weeks. But in the last two weeks they have returned to us, reminding us how much we loved them, and making us wonder how how we ever survived without them.

So, on this holy Sunday, we recognize a friend who is always there for us, who fills our hearts with joy and happiness, who never requests a thing and gives all she can, who makes our lives better just for the joy of knowing her, and we name Zoe Boe our pup of the week.

And, if you like, on Tuesday, bark by her page and wish her Mom a happy 28th birthday. Or something like that, I'm a writer, not a statistical genius.


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