Friday, April 1, 2011

Foley Monster and Pocket are taking over Doggyspace

Pocket and I have accepted an offer to move into the castle and run Doggyspace.  They offered us some serious kibble and we had to agree.  At the Doggyspace run by us the most important thing will be loyalty to the new Princess, me, Foley Monster.  Because of this all you dogs who joined the rebel Tanner Brigade and still think the have the right to stay on Doggyspace will be immediately deleted.  Please prepare accordingly. 

Signed Foley Monster and Pocket

PS Happy April 1, 2011


  1. oh noooooo please don't delete me even if it is April Fools day woof wooooof woooooof

  2. Don't do this. We're gullible. We fall for anything.

  3. whe
    fow a minute thewe, I thought you weww sewious..I fowgot that it was Apwil Fool's day
    smoochie kisses


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