Saturday, April 23, 2011

We are in our new home

Pocket pick up that cable and plug it into the other one.  Don't lick your paws first!  Oh that's OK, your paws will heel soon enough.  OK now flip the switch.

Is the green light on?  Hello?    Hello?  Attention puppies of Earth   Gooooooood morrrrnnninnng Internet!  Foley and Pocket, the Web's most troublesome Yorkies are back.  We are broadcasting from our new flat where the people smell like prunes.  No more Franks'n'Beans or squirrel obsessers.

We are soon going to have a whole new bunch of characters to entertain you.  But for now we are working out the lay of the land and new routines.

We don't have big glass doors to look out and bark at the kitties.  We can't hear the car doors shut so we don't jump up and down barking at the mere sound.  The couch doesn't look out on the whole complex, just an old neighbors house that is blocked by trees.  We do have a porch which is cool.  We can run back and forth and look out the doors there.  But we haven't spent much time doing that.

We have spent a lot of time in the bathroom.  And not because of moving sickness but because we kept getting put in there.  When the movers were moving things out we were stuck in the bathroom.
When the movers were moving in we were stuck in the strange bathroom.  Even today when the cable man was here we kept being put in the bathroom.  Different bathroom this time but still it made us both very angry.

And get this, we moved into a house where there was no cable access anywhere!  The people who lived here before weren't on the Internet or even have cable TV.  They didn't know they were selling to their house to two famous dogs.  (Either that or they forgot, and, given all the safety locks, electrical plug blocks, and a shed full of socks, it's not the only thing they have forgotten.)  We are operating on a line that is running across the yard until they can hook up the lines under the house.
We aren't sure if this is within in the rules, and you know what fuss budgets old people can be, but when we questioned the slop nosed, biped, olfactory prune assaulter before we moved in he said the house was cable ready so if he says nay it might be time to call on the weasels.

We have to find our rhythm here.  We don't know when to fight anymore.  We used to fight just before bed time going up the stairs.  Now we just go from the living room, to the bedroom, with no chance to fight.  I used to bark when Mommy slowly made her way down the stairs announcing her to everyone.  Now she just walks out of the bedroom without even giving me a chance to bark.

But there have been positive changes too.  We have gone on proper walks around the neighborhood with all sorts of new smells.  And of course Pocket didn't vick on her walk, then got vick stuck on her tail, and got it on Mommy's clothes, so we still have that going for us.  Plus she got to play ball for ten minutes today and she was strutting around like a big shot after that.

But mostly life is the same.  I have my blanket, the lap time is increasing, and the cable is back on so I can watch my rapidly being canceled programs during the afternoon.  Oh Todd is there only One Life to Live?

I have also found out something else I hate.  The washing machine.   It used to be buried in the cellar  Now it is right across from the second bathroom and just down the hall from my blankets.  Wow is that thing loud and obnoxious.  You don't want to get stuck in a room with one of those.So we will be readjusting to life here.

I am sure that Pocket and I will have lots of new adventures.  So, from our new flat in the end of our one life to live housing, we are signing off.  But stay on guard because we will be back soon.


Yorkies of the Old Folks Home Again!


  1. It sounds exciting with all new smells to explore. Dogs always adjust faster than humans.

  2. I am glad you have re-connected and will again be regaling us with your tails uh tales. . .

  3. Well Mazol tov! That means congratulations and may you make wonderful memories in this new home and may you fill it with love and laughter and happiness. I know it is all exciting and new, but please make sure your two leggeds get some rest and some serious down time because moving is very stressful. As far as the old people smell... one sure fire cure... Have your momma cook up some wonderful food that fills the house with the smells that make it HOME! Happy Easter, kisses on you and Pocket and a big hug for your tired humans.

  4. Wow, how exciting to have a new home! Please post pictures of where your blankies are now kept. As for the odor, do as silvieon4 says, cook something yummy!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  5. Hi, If it still smells of those people then take our advice and pee here and there this normally does the trick. Hope you enjoy the new home.

  6. Congrats on your new home! I am sure you will find your rhythm there soon!