Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tadertot is our April 10, 2011 pup of the week

There are pups we can count on being here every day.  We are so sure of their presence that when they are missing for a day or two, like Hattie Mae's midweek sabbatical, messages began flying back and forth questioning where she was, if she was all right.  Of course we were all relieved when we heard from her that her Mom had taken ill for a couple of days but was back at full strength.

Other dogs float in and out about once a month.  We don't mind dogs who do that.  It is always pleasant to see them, except when they bring us bad news.

When I saw a blog from Tadertot I was very pleased because I surely like Tader a lot.  He is a good friend.  He has wonderful jokes which I save up for my infrequent trips to the local pub.  I would like to buy that pup a case of popsicles.

But this week his blog didn't include the little jokes and sly asides.  This blog brought news of the most shocking and scary nature.  Tadertot's Mom had suffered a stroke.  Stroke is one of those words, like heart attack, or cancer that means something very bad had happened and our parents are in danger of preceding us to the bridge.

Tadertot knew that we would want to know what had happened and he talked to his Dad about posting on the Tanner Brigade. This was very brae of his Daddy .  Daddies are good at shouting but writing, not so much.  But he did an excellent job of delivering the sad news,

Tadertot was very shaken up, as we all would be if it happened to our Moms, and we are worried about our friend Tader and his Mama.

It is certainly hard on us dogs when something happens to our Moms.  We really don't know what to do with ourselves.  We count on them for everything and when they aren't able to take care of us who will?  But we don't think of us.

We do the only thing we can do.  We just stay near our Moms.  Always there if she needs a lick in the hand or needs a warm body to rub to calm her nerves.

Tader said his Mom is doing better and we can only pray that he is right.  He should know.  His heart is closer to hers than anyone else in the world.  The  Brigade has taken some mighty blows this year and we don't needs another one.

Know that we are all praying very hard for her, Tadertot.  We will think of her during the day and send warm, healing thoughts her way.  We will contract the bridge angels and have them look over her.  If money becomes a problem we will try to raise some for her.  Most of all, if your day, or her day, gets sad, and the tears start to flow, the best place to come is to The Tanner Brigade where we guarantee you a daily smile.

So here is to you, Tadertot, our Pup of the Week.  You are a very strong dog for supporting your Mom in this tough time.  We are very proud of you.  And we look forward to a summer with more popsicle jokes.

As for the rest of us we are going to snuggle extra close to Mommy and count our many blessings, and pray you get blessed too.

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