Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tommy Tunes is out January 20, 2013 Pup of the Week

I have enjoyed this week very much. While there have been pups and Moms in need   of prayer nothing has happened that has made our eyes wet or was too difficult to read.

I like to recognize a special dog each week and usually it is because they are ill or have gone to the Bridge. But this week there is no one to recognize. Which really just thrills me and leaves me with one small problem. I don’t have anyone to write about as pup of the week. And I am happy about this, really, but I sit here, moving my paws over the keyboard, having to write my Sunday blog.

There are so many dogs with great parents who do transports, rescues, fostering, or alert us about what we need to know. But we have recognized them all recently and don’t want to favor one over the others.

And then it hit me. It was Pocket smacking me upside the head. She whispered in my ear. I said I thought that was a wonderful but we usually recognize Tanner Brigade members and despite several requests to join this pup has made his home happily at DS.  Then Pocket reminded me that everyone on the Tanner Brigade loves this dog. At first I was stunned that Pocket was right twice in the same day then I decided to do as she said.

This dog is what everyone would call their first friend, because I think, if you asked a random dog who was their first friend in social networking they would name him. This dog is someone who, like I, is always ready to comfort a parent who has lost a pup, and to do something to honor the pup. He does it through pictures while I do it through words.

Of course you all know by now, because you are very smart, and his picture is at the top of the blog, and his name on the blog title, that I am talking about Tommy Tunes.

We don’t often salute friends simply for being wonderful. But today we do that for Tommy. No one makes us smile as regularly as he does. His videos are absolutely brilliant. While our parents all put words in our mouths he lets us see words come out of our mouths.

And his artwork is breathtaking. Everyone looks forward to his weekly blogs where he takes our mundane pictures and turns them into works of art. You can see this week’s here. We have one that he did of Pocket and I over our TV. If parents put something over the TV that means they must love it because that’s where their eyes go. And Tommy and his Dad sent it to us, at great expense to them, for no reason outside of that they are perfect.

Also, after our friend Gina passed, Tommy and his Dad opened up his heart and home to Freddie Girl giving her a great new life.

Tommy is a great friend in every meaning of the word. He is understanding, kind, compassionate, empathic, funny, loyal, everyone’s best friend. So, after a good week with no one heading to the Bridge it is time to recognize one of the best of us.

Thank you Tommy for doing everything you do for everyone..


  1. Tommy and dad Steve are wonderful friends. Just today, I, Angel Lovey wrote to Tommy telling him about the beautiful art museum that they have at the Bridge. It features all of Tommy's beautiful artwork and is aptly named the Tommy Tunes Museum of Fine Art. Tommy had no idea there was a museum at the Bridge which featured his artwork. His comment was that he did it because he just loves ALL pups.

  2. TT was one of our first friends on DS waaaay back in August of '08. His adventures amazed us and made us laugh out loud. Now he's the top dog of the FL dog house and older brother to Freddie and constant companion to Dad Steve. TT and Dad are indeed very artistic and we love them.

  3. Nice one! We think it is nice to give recognition to great pals. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Bravo! Well deserved! TT and Dad Steve are wonderful friends, we love them!

  5. What a nice post for Tommy Tunes
    Benny & Lily

  6. We have also been the recipient of art work done by Tommy and his Dad, Steve...Thank you for that. We think your choice of Tommy Tunes is just perfect! Love you, Tommy, from Romeo, Chipper and Cooper!


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