Sunday, January 27, 2013

A new Lab, Raja and Piper are our January 27, 2013 Pups of the Week

I am here to talk about three new dogs I have made friends with this week.  All valuable additions to their new homes and all rescues.  

First is a new member of the ever expanding pack that is led by Benjamin. Much to his chagrin a sixth member has been added, which is so large I don’t think they can any longer be referred to as a pack, but should be called the Benji Bunch. One night when the original five went out to do their business Benjamin’s Daddy saw a black lab pup had joined them. The evening before Benjamin’s parents had heard a new dog barking in the neighbors’ yard and figured the folks next door had bought a puppy.  Being a lonely puppy outside all night, and seeing a happy pack next door, the smart little lab decided to try to sneak in as part of Benjamin’s family. Benji’s parents were too good at counting not to notice a new dog bounding into the house, but did allow the pup to spend the night. The next morning Benji’s Mom called the neighbors who told her they had lost a pup. He had been a gift for their toddler, and they didn’t want a dog, so they were going to give it away or “get rid of it.”  Benji’s Mom said she would take the dog and find him a good home.  But I think the pup has a good home already, right with Benji and his pack, and, with six you get eggroll so it works out for everyone.

This runaway lab was not the only labrador to find a new home this week.  Our three chocolate lab friends from the west coast, Reba, Dodger and Logan put to test the saying that if you go black you never go back by getting an all black lab to join their previously all chocolate family.  This dog, who is named Raja, had been surrendered to a shelter on a Tuesday, (her parents were moving and could not take her with them) had her precious ovaries removed on a Wednesday, went to a Petco Unleashed adoption on a Saturday and by the end of that day was in the West Coast Labrador Castle.  There was some drama as Raja became accustomed to her siblings and them to her but soon a pecking order had been established and now the Chocolate Lab Pack is the Chocolate Lab Pack plus one.

Finally, if you follow this blog, you read the sad story of our good friend Ginger Dash who got under her fence, went away from her house, and has not been seen since.  We pray for her to return everyday.  While no do can ever replace Ginger a new pup has become part of her pack.  Her name is Piper and she also is a rescue.   She was in a foster home before she was given the Ok to move in with her sister Gypsy Dawn and her new Mom.  Piper took to her new home very quickly. She even got to sleep in the big bed with her Mom the first night which is very rare for a dog’s opening night.  While she knows she will not replace Ginger she will create new love and new memories with her new Mom.  And she will be another dog nose in the air trying to sniff out her big sister so she will come home.  She got along wonderfully with her Gypsy her first night. Her cat sister Koko proved to be harder to win over but I am sure Piper will do so.   And she will help heal her Mom’s heart until Ginger returns.

So here are to three new friends, three rescues, who are all rescuing their new Moms and families. 


  1. What wonderful "New Addition" stories. We love happy endings (we'll send "GO HOME" vibes to Ginger Dash)!

  2. Happy endings! Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We too will keep our paws crossed that Ginger finds her way back home safe and sound.

    We're happy to hear that the pup's have found homes. That is totally pawsome!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin


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