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Brody is our March 3, 2013 Pup of the Week

On Sunday’s we like to honor a dog who we refer to as our “Pup of the Week.”  There are a number of criteria Pocket and I use in picking our pup.  One of them is which pup caused the most concern amongst our online family.  In the past seven days no one has caused more concern than our friend Brody.

Brody is not a member of Doggyspace, although many members of DS know Brody through Facebook.  He is a wonderful pup, big brother to two wonderful children, Blake and Carly, and beloved best friend to his Mom Candice and her husband Jeff.  Those of us who have been lucky enough to know this family have followed them from when Brody was an only child, through the births of two human siblings, and watched him become a great protector.

We loved to tease Brody because he eats everything.  His friends often joked about Brody eating bigger and bigger things:  A car, a truck, a bus, a train.  But this week Brody ate something, we don’t know what it was, and none of us were laughing.

Because whatever Brody ate caused a blockage.  Brody first showed symptoms by throwing up, and then, in true Brody fashion, trying to lick it up.  Then he couldn’t keep water down.  His Mom took him to the vet who gave her some medication and told her they would have to hope the blockage passed.

But it didn’t.  Brody kept throwing up everything that went into his system.  It was clear that whatever Brody had eaten was going to have to come out through surgery.  In a hard economy with two young children no one needs a pet care bill close to $5,000 but, as Brody’s Mom said, she could not lose her best friend.

The surgery went well for Brody.  The blockage was removed.  He was very bruised for the IV and he had his belly shaved.  There is a very large scar on his body.  His family somehow made it through the night with him away without their best friend and protector.

Brody is home now, the crises is passed, but we are still very worried about him because he wants to eat everything he comes in contact with.  His parents are doing everything they can to Brody proof the house but it is very hard with two toddlers.

So Brody, our dear friend, please do all you can to eat only food, and Bridge Angels, when Brody wanders over to something he shouldn’t eat, smack him upside the head so he doesn’t eat it.

We love you Brody.  Please take better care of yourself.  We can’t imagine life without you.  


  1. So happy that Brody came through the surgery OK. I'll be sure to keep my Angel eye on him from now on! We're not ready for him up here at the bridge yet!

  2. Paws crossed and POTP to Brody. Get well little one. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  4. All our feets are crossed for Brody
    Benny & Lily


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