Sunday, April 28, 2013

Willie is our April 28, 2013 Pup of the Week

It was just a short time ago that I wrote about our friend Willie and his long battle with bone cancer on his leg.  I usually don’t like to recognize the same dog repeatedly but Willie is proving to be the bravest and toughest dog I have ever met.

Our courageous friend’s rollercoaster ride continues but lately it has been charging downwards more often than it has been climbing upwards.  Poor three working limbed Willie still climbs back up no matter how often the cruelties of his condition push him down.

This week his tumor burst.  It had begun to grow again a few weeks ago but his Mom did not expect it to explode.  She saw blood seeping through his bandage and got it off quickly.  It was bleeding very badly.  His Mom rewrapped it, gave him some pain meds, made plans to see Dr Kair and asked for prayers.

After he returned from the vet his Mom reported that the burst area was small and not infected which was good new.  And Willie was in no pain.  Dr Kari packed his wound with a coagulant and wrapped him up.  She was confident that his condition could be managed with frequent bandage changes and possibly the cope of some tissues   She said it was not time to make any major decisions.

But his Mom was still very worried about him.  He could not put any weight on his leg and had to maneuver on three legs.   He would not stop licking at the the tumor and he got through the bandages opening his wound and bleeding on the dining room rug.  His Mom rewrapped the bandage and gave him a pill.  She then put him in bed with her while kicking Daddy out.  Willie breathing was heavy and he often panted.  It took a half hour for him to fall asleep while his Mom lay anxiously next to him.  When she awoke Willie was on the floor.  He did not want to go outside and do his business and he was very tied.  His Mom was hoping to get him to the beach, at least one more time, but if his leg was wrapped that would be impossible.  He was still eating, which was a good sign, and his Mom just wanted him to be happy.  Being at the beach and running in the waves made him happy.

The morning Willie was scheduled to see Dr Kari his Mom changed his bandage and he started putting weight on his leg.  She found out that Dr Kari was unavailable and Willie saw Dr. Smith.  But that momentary climb upwards led to one long cliff dive.  Dr Smith examined the tumor and it had grown by 150%.  Dr Smith wrote a prescription for pain pills making clear there was little else that could be done.

When the rollercoaster was at it’s lowest, and the car was in the darkest part of the track, Willie’s Mom asked a question.  “IF he only has a matter of weeks/months why would I not let him swim if he can manage..or at least wade in the water and walk the beach?”  Willie has been eating, he is only taking one pain pill, he is walking on all fours, and his Mom said if Willie wants to keep fighting then she is going to fight with him 100%.  She asked our Moms what they thought and they agreed with her, if Willie is not in pain, eating and wants to fight then let him fight.

As of Sunday evening Willie was doing good.  His wound had grown to be the size of a 50 cent piece and his Mom is changing his bandage and was adding antibiotic cream to his dressing.  She is also letting Willie lick it a bit because his Mom figures the saliva can’t hurt him.  He didn’t get to go in the water as his parents repaired some damage from Hurricane but he loved being on the beach.  He walked up and down the stairs, which is more than I can do.  He was more active than he had been in months.  After a great day he has a trip to the vets on Monday so let’s say a prayer for him.  

So let’s live like Willie, live for today, fight through the pain and don’t complain, just live like there is no day but today, and while we do that let’s pray every day that Willie just gets one more day with us, and hopefully we will be able to say that prayer for 1,000 more days.

Keep going Willie, you are our superstar.


  1. You are one special pup Willie
    Benny & Lily

  2. We send big hugs and buckets loads of POTP to Willie. Stay strong sweet pup. We wish him well and some good swims. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. He is a superstar. As long as he is enjoying life..that's good.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Sending positive vibes.

  4. Love and Prayers for our Willie from Porch Cat and Milkbone! Meow!!!

  5. Love that Willie. I agree, 1000 more prayers for 1000 more days. Love to his family too, on this AWFUL roller coaster ride.... (((hugs)))

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