Friday, April 5, 2013

I Busted Myself

I have a bit of unfortunate news.  I busted myself.

I am not sure how or why but I do know I am definitely busted.  Yesterday my parents came home, let us out of the bedroom and we both went running to Daddy who took us outside.  After we came in I harassed them for food while they ate.  Nothing unusual.  Then they cleaned  up and sat in their chairs before Daddy went to work while I licked the every inch of the kitchen.

I don’t know what happened, or how it happened, and being a dog I am not telling anyone what is wrong but shortly after Mommy and Daddy sat  I came in the living room with my left hind leg lifted hobbling on three legs and acting extremely pathetic.

Mommy hoped it was a temporary thing but I became less mobile as the night went on.  I couldn’t push off my back legs at all. I fell down trying to walk backwards.  I couldn’t hold weight on the leg.  There was no jumping.  I couldn’t climb stairs. I was busted.

After Daddy got home she examined me with Daddy and then went on the Google and got scared to death.  There were all sorts of things wrong with me.  I had lime disease, lymphoma, hip dysplasia, the bird flu.  You name it they diagnosed me with it.  Oh for heavens sake all I was doing was limping!  Humans!

I am a little better today but I still wobble when I walk.  I don’t put much weight on my leg, and after I am taken out I pant in pain.  Mommy called the dogtor and made an appointment for me on Monday to maybe have some x-rays and to eliminate anything bad to make them feel better.  Make them feel better?  I am the one who is busted!

I think I am doing good,.  Everything a human could want in a dog, except for the walking.  I am eating fine, still tasting every inch of the floor with my tongue (just a bit slower), doing my pooping and peeing with no problem, have got in two fights with Pocket, don’t react in pain to any touching or probing.  I do start panting a short while after I go outside for my business  but hey!  my leg hurts.  I am sure I am fine but maybe say a quick prayer for me, after the much more important dogs there are to pray for with serious problems. I am just a little gimpy that’s all.  

And maybe say a little one for my parents too.  I am really worried about them.  They are carrying me, and talking to me softly and giving me extra treats and food.  Hey, what am I talking about? Foget the prayers.  Life’s never been better.

Except for the walking.


  1. Paws crossed that it's just one of those things we do occasionally when we're exercising. We KNOW how the humans worry.

    xXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. :-( Aw man, that's not cool! I hope that your leg starts to feel a whole lot better soon...especially at the start of the weekend! Google is scary sometimes! Take care and clean up the kitchen floor!! ;-)

  3. Oh no your are busted? Lordy we hope it is just a sprain? Sending healing vibes and POTP. We hope you are better today. Take it easy pal. Love to you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Of course we'll cross our paws for you! And tell your hoomans to slow down, take a deep breath and all will be fine. We bet you just twisted a muscle or something like that.

    In the meantime, soak up the treats my friend!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  5. Poor Foley! A bum leg is no fun. (Although, I'm trying to figure out how I can fake one to get my paws on those extra treats you woofed about)

  6. Hey there...milk this for all its lots of treats!

    Butt...just to be on da safe side, we's gonna say some prayers anyway. Can't get too many prayers, right?

    Hopes you's all better before Monday and well before you gots to go to da dogter!

  7. We have all our feets crossed. We know about leg problems
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hoping it's not your Cranial Cruciate Ligament in your knee! Riley tore both of hers...left and right and had surgery on both--one year apart. Hopefully you just pulled something and it won't require anything expensive or painful!

    Elyse and Riley

  9. You've got our prayers little one. You said you wobble when you walk. Remember Pocket, Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down! Get better.