Sunday, July 21, 2013

Saint is Foley Monster's July 21, 2013 Pup of the Week

This week I would like to recognize a pup who has one of those strange Mom’s who is not on social media.  So how did I come to know about this pup, named Saint?  Well first, as  Judge at Rainbow Bridge I am allowed to look into the river where I see everything that is going on with all good dogs below, and second the non social networking Mom is a friend of my Dad’s.  (This came as a shock to me too, I didn’t know Mommy or Daddy ever talked to actual people.)

Anyway back to Saint.  He had recently come to live with his Mom.  Before that he was in a horrific situation.  His former parent had left him in a cage at a kennel for two weeks with no access to exercise.  At ten years of age being unable to move made his situation worse.  Soon he had gained weight and lost all sense of what it was like to be a family dog.  
Then came the break of Saint’s life when his forever Mom found out about him, said she would take him, no questions asked, and soon, after a trip, a shave, and a new home he was waking up his Mom with a good morning kiss.

But last Saturday things took a bad turn.   Saint’s Mom drove him to the dog park for a day of fun.  He saw a little dog, one of those pesky, yappy little dogs that used to annoy me when I wasn’t being one of them, and Saint went to chase him.  When he planted his leg his ACL tore, as happens to all aging athletes at some point, and Saint gave out a heartbreaking cry of pain.

Then, seeing his injury his Mom echoed his cry.  She knew it was a torn ACL but it being a Saturday she had to wait until Monday for confirmation.  During that time she questioned if she had done a disservice to Angel by adopting him.  She wondered if he would have been better off living in a crate then having been adopted and subsequently injured.

Of course this is the silliest thing ever.  As the Judge who swears in new members of The Bridge:  District One, I have to perform the ceremony for lots of dogs who don’t have loving family members to meet them, and never will.  I am telling you there is nothing sadder.  Sure there are plenty of humans who take them in here,  because humans don’t have to clean up their poop, buy food and serve it to them, pay for medical bills, and take them out to pee (Yes, here at the Bridge we finally treat humans as our equals, which is why they refer to is as Heaven) but they still don’t get that reunion moment with someone they love and that is what we all exist for her, the reunion with our beloved human (and free chicken.)  Angel, for the first time in his life is feeling love, and there isn’t a dog at the Bridge or on Earth who wouldn’t give up all four legs for that.

I am going to do all I can on this side of the Bridge to make sure that none of my friends, not Saint, not my friend Otis from Fallon MO, not my friends Reese’s and Meika’s Uncle R, no one, makes me swear them in at the Bridge this week or for many weeks to come.   I hate having to slip on my robes and go to the top of the Bridge to do my job.  Everyone here at the Bridge knows this:  I am the Foley Monster, I’m dead, I’m lazy, and I’m loving it.

So  Saint, if you are reading this, be good to your Mom before your surgery, because you’re kind of heavy for her to bring in and out of the house, and be brave during the surgery, because you’ve been through worse, and try to be a patient patient afterwards as your Mom nurses you back to health and if you do that you will have many more years of fun and love ahead of you.

And remember, Saint,  to tell every dog you meet that you are a winner of the Foley Monster Pup of the Week Award.  That will open lots of doggy doors for you.


  1. Sending big hugs and lots of POTP to Saint. We hope it goes well. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Living! Running around, sniffing.....all that's better than being in a cage. Even if you do get injured.

    We hope Saint's surgery is a success.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy


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