Sunday, August 18, 2013

Enzo is Foley Monster's August 18, 2013 Pup of the Week

We dogs, whether we live on Earth or at the Bridge have a part of us, our spirits, that live in cyberspace where everything is equal and all looks the same.  Here at the Bridge it is just endless rivers, streams, hills, meadows, grass, mountains and clouds.

But on Earth everything is different.  Some areas are very hot all the time, some are cold, some get lots of snow, some get none.  Where I lived in the Northeast there are hundreds of vets to pick from and at one time or another I think my  Mom has picked them all.

But there are several places where there are only one vet, and when that vet goes on vacation, and your dog gets sick, things become very dire, which is what happened to my friend Enzo, who became sick this week, and apparently lives in the 1800’s.

There are all sorts of things on Enzo’s property and apparently there are plenty of bad things to eat there, bear droppings, geese droppings, wildflowers, mushrooms, the Donner Party.  Our friend Enzo ate one of those things, and he did so at the worst possible time because the only vet within 45 miles was on vacation.

The first night his parents stayed up as he pooped all night long, never able to lie down and get comfortable.  The next night it started coming out his other end, vomiting all night long.  His Mom, living in her little house in little mountain town, had learned how to become an emergency vet when needed.  She found a syringe and got Enzo to drink four ounces of water.  Later in the day his Dad got him to eat a little chicken and rice.  

The next night Enzo went to sleep, although he had some bad dreams, then woke up at 2:00 AM to poop,  He went back to sleep, even spending some time in his usual spot by his parent’s bed, and in the morning ate a little more and got some of his toys out of the bed.  His parents were hoping he was getting better.

But you know how it is with us dogs, even when we are not doing well we are always trying to convince our parents that we are fine and that is what Enzo was doing.  Usually the illness overcomes our best efforts and we accelerate downhill quickly which is what happened to Enzo.

His condition went beyond what his Mom called her “country doctoring” skills.  He spent that night awake, needed to go out every hour.  By morning Mom knew they had to make the long trip to Leadville, which is very dangerous with a dog leaking poo every hour.  He was diagnosed with a bad bacterial infection in the intestines most likely caused by eating something he shouldn’t have.  Enzo was put on powerful antibiotics which let him sleep, and then cured him of the need to leak every hour.  So far the medicine seems to be working but Enzo is going to be in need of prayers so he can get back to normal.  

Once Enzo gets back to normal he can reopen his garage that helps the DS racing team and provides us with so much fun.  He is the clown prince of cyber dogs and we need our prince doing well.


  1. Good to read Enzo is doing well. We send loads of POTP. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We have all 40 paws in our house crossed for Enzo and we're sending the best Florida vibes we can get together. Enzo, time to fight and get rid of this terrible infection.

  3. Just went thru this same thing last week with our Hobie. He's 13 and was in the hospital for 3 days! (Even writing that seems weird, I mean, your mother being in the hospital for 3 days, ok that sounds normal, but your DOG?!) But yes, he was. Thankfully, we are here in the northeast where you used to live (lol) and while our regular vet is just 2 miles up the street, he doesn't have ultrasound equipment, it was late at night, and so he sent us to the 24/7 place an hour away. Not that university where all pets die, the other one, north of here. They did a wonderful job. You can read about my pining and whining on my blog.

  4. We are certainly praying hard for Enzo. I don't want to see him up here at the Bridge anytime soon that's fur sure!