Sunday, November 10, 2013

Buddy is Our November 10, 2013 Pup of the Week

There is a duality to living at the Bridge.  This is a very happy and peaceful place.  When a pup arrives here, the pack members who preceded them, and their friends, are delighted to see them again.  But, on the mortal side of the Bridge, there is devastating sorrow.

Earlier this week two of my best friends here, Jondalar and Keri, came running into my office and excitedly told me that their beloved brother Buddy was arriving.  They then scampered off to the top of the Bridge to wait.  I slipped on my robe to perform his swearing in ceremony, excited to see him, but also concerned for his family.  Days before, as I peered into the River of Life, I watched his family, worried about his health, and the dreaded “C” word was whispered as his parents spoke about him.

Buddy passed over the Bridge and climbed the steps like all dogs, beginning in pain, and sorrow, missing his family, and still suffering what ended his mortal existence, but, the closer he got to the top, the more everything faded, like the remnants of a dream, and by the time he reached me he was his old self, running and jumping like a puppy, and catching up with, or meeting, the pack members who came here before him.  

Since I am a Judge, and have privileges that other dogs don’t have, I am allowed go down to the River of Life and peer into the mortal world, and since I still communicate through the powers of the Internet with that side, I feel an obligation to look in on the families left behind.

It was so sad looking at Buddy’s family.  They were just broken hearted over his passing.  They knew he was sick, but finding out that our friend was filled with cancer during an operation, and losing him before they could prepare themselves, especially after losing so many pack members before Buddy, was beyond hard.   My own tears mixed with the river water as I watched

If Buddy hadn’t been named Buddy it would have been his nickname because he was the friendliest dog we knew.  A wonderful, big hearted dog who everyone fell in love with, if they met him in person, or online.  We loved seeing his smiling page when it would appear on our page and, if we could have seen that smiling face in person every day, that would have been enough to get us through the darkest times.

When I was on the mortal side I spent lots of time barking and meowing with Buddy’s kitty pack members Andy and Barney.  I am not a cat dog but they are two wonderful friends who changed my mind and I feel so bad for them that their brother is now on our side.  Andy and Barney watch over our house at night and I am so grateful to them.  I think I became friends with them because they lived with Buddy, and no one could live with Buddy without loving dogs.

So now Buddy is young, happy and pain free again.  I hope that brings some comfort to his family.  And we will visit his parents in their dreams, although, cruelly, the rules state they will barely remember it.  But Buddy with always be with them, and always be their Angel, just as Keri, Muffin and Jondalar are.  

If there is one thing humans cannot have enough of in this life it is Angels.


  1. Oh so sad to read about Buddy. We know he will be happy and free of pain over the rainbow bridge. We feel for his family left behind. Our thoughts and prayers are for them. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Rest in peace, Buddy. Visit your pawrents in their dreams.

    SideBite and Ranger are looking for a new Blogville Judge
    Here is a link to their blog if you are interested.
    Best wishes Molly


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