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Dylan and Taz are our November 24, 2013 Pups of the Week

When I was on the mortal side of the River of Life I was a rather sedentary pup.  A chair, a couch, a warm lap, that’s where I spent most of my day.  A hearty walk, a dash after an irksome squirrel, the leap from the floor on to said warm lap, was all the exercise this little dog required.

I was a couch potato (now I am a cloud potato, equally as sedentary, but more likely to be confused with an appetizer at the Outback Steak House) where, like human couch potatoes, I would watch the exploits of those dogs who lived the more daring life of running and leaping.  Through the magic of the World Wide Bark I even became friends with them.  Today I would like to give a tip of the tail to two champions:  Taz and Dylan.

Dylan’s exploits are a few weeks old, and I have been remiss in not recognizing him earlier. He competed in an ASCA trial and Dylan took home first place in the Companion Dog category with a score of 197 which is quite excellent.  He then topped that by winning the High in Trial, which is like being named Heavyweight Champion of the World

His sister Graycee also competed in her first trial ever.  She did not qualify but we do have highlights.  

Our second champion is our long time friend from the ‘Burgh, Taz.  He earned his first agility championship this week.  I stole the above picture from his page.  It’s of Taz, his Dad, and the judge holding the ribbon.  (As a Rainbow Bridge judge I pay someone to hold a ribbon.  Dogs complained when I took the ribbon out of my mouth and it was all wet.)

Taz was a late bloomer in agility, struggling early in his career, then suffering a broken leg.  After fighting all the way back to the top, and collecting his first place ribbon, Taz is thinking about retiring.  He is going to take over as chief coach and trainer for his brothers.

And speaking of brothers let us say a quick prayers for Taz’s brother Einstein who will be returning to the trials if his leg heals properly.  He has a doctor’s appointment this week and if we can get enough prayers going the doctor will find the leg has healed and Einstein can win a championship of his own.

While all us dogs are champs, today we celebrate two true winners, Dylan and Taz.  A water bowl toast to them both.


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