Thursday, November 21, 2013

River Song Finds the Joys of Cold Nights and Warm Beds

Growing up in Florida I never knew cold and was not looking forward to it.  While I have yet to encounter snow, I have braved the cold and found the best thing about it:  A warm bed.

I have to admit that in the summer I did not respect the bed.  I loved it, and insisted on being in it my first night in our house, but it was because I wanted to be with Mommy.  I was told the bed was a place of peace but I often acted poorly in it, waiting for Pocket to settle, and then attacking her.

It got to the point that I was leashed to the top of the bed like an animal.  I slept between the pillows where it was nice and cool while Pocket slept at the end of the bed under the covers.  I found it stuffy under there.  Then the weather turned cold and I ventured under the covers,

And it was heaven.  It was so warm.  Mommy’s body heat was nice but Daddy gives off more heat than Hobo Hudson at a Florida dog gathering. I would get close to the warm snuggle spot but the darn leash kept me from laying in the promised land.

So I had to do what I hate the most.  I had to be good.  No attacking Pocket in  her sleep.  Not even a quick chase under the covers.  When I first get into bed, and my excitement level is high, this is very hard for me to do, and, when the lights first go out, I still have the urge to jump on Pocket before the room gets dark.

After proving myself worthy, once I settle down from chewing and giving Daddy a face bath, I get the leash removed and I can snuggle anywhere I want.  I start the night snuggled against Mommy’s back. When it gets cold I move over to Daddy.  Sometimes he ends up putting his arm over me trapping me, he says he does it in his sleep, but I don’t believe him.  But I don’t mind that, it is warm.

But even better than that is getting under the covers, into the darkness and the warmth.  There is no place like under the covers with Mommy and Daddy.  There I am safe, nothing in the world can get to me.  Breathing in the warm air generated from your parents fills your inside with love.  I even snuggle with Pocket which brings back the old days of being in my litter up against my birth Mom.

And now I feel sorry for all my former southern brethren who don’t get to sleep in warm beds.  They don’t know what they are missing.  The most special feeling in the world.

So if you excuse me I am off the bed where I can snuggle down and enjoy the cold weather.


  1. River Song, we hear ya, sista!! We allow our mommies to share our king size bed with us because they keep us warm and safe. They tuck us in and when we move over to them in the middle of the night to get warmer, inevitably a loving arm wraps around us to keep us safe. Nothing beats it! -- Pepper and JuJu

  2. We agree nothing like a good snuggle in a big warm bed. I too sleep on the bed but Ancient Pip sleeps in her basket by the radiator which she loves with all her snuggly blankets. Sweet dreams.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly