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Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Meet RuBea - Teddy Bond's New Secret Agent

After all the excitement of Miss Vicki’s arrival, I was exhausted.  I went back to my quaint cottage.  I poured my Mommy’s tears into my garden and watched my beautiful flowers open and grow stronger.  I pulled some weeds then went inside, made myself some tea, climbed into bed and drifted into a much-deserved sleep.
I wasn’t asleep five minutes when I was awakened by a great bang, and a puff of smoke filling the room.  Had I forgotten the flume?  No.  Teddy Bond, secret agent angel and founder of Acme Dog Gadgets that have been aiding dogs on escaping crates, counter surfing, and other feats that leave parents scratching their heads about how their dog accomplished whatever impossible task the dog did in their parents’ absence, stood at the end of my bed.
“I finally have a successor!” he announced as proud as I have ever seen him.
I wiped the sleep from my eyes.  “A new successor?  Has your sister Gracie finally decided to carry on your business?”
“No,” he said with a touch of annoyance in his voice.  “Gracie still only wants to sit on mommy’s lap and look beautiful.  But take a look at her.”
He handed me a picture of an attractive white and brown puppy.  
“Her name is RuBea,” Teddy said excitedly.  Do you see what is in her eyes?  I looked closer but did not answer.  “It is mischief and adventure!”   I looked closer but still didn’t see it.  Teddy was oblivious to my confusion.
“I am going to let her get settled in,” he said excitedly.  “She is still a puppy.  But within a couple of months, I am visiting her in my dreams.  I am showing her where my hidden workshop is under the stairs.  She is going to open the Dog Gadgets business again.  Crates will be opened, refrigerator doors will be penetrated, dog food bag seals opened.  I am back baby, and this little puppy will lead us.”
Teddy then went running out of the door to plan more gadgets.  
Welcome to the family RuBea.  I know you will be be loved more than any dog ever could be loved.  But be warned.  You have a maniacal angel brother.  And he has big plans for both of you.


  1. It is usually good when family traditions are carried on but we are not sure this time.

  2. I love the idea of beloved ones speaking from across the bridge. Here's hoping your little pup hears a bunch about how wonderful your household is!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie


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