Thursday, October 20, 2016

We Are Nightwalkers by River Song

We have become a family of nightwalkers.  Our daily constitutional has become a nightly ritual.  
Here in the Prune Village where the number one job is being retired people don’t walk at night and seldom come outside after sunset.  The sound of lawn mowers and weed whackers begin at the crack of dawn, but a hush comes over our neighborhood at dusk.   When the restaurants stop serving the early bird special, it is bed time.
The biggest reason for our switch is that Pocket is obnoxious.
If there is a person walking down the street, she barks.  Same is true of dogs, cats, squirrels, leaves and abnormally large bees.  I bark as well, but my barks are communications to Pocket that she needs to stop barking.  Sometimes I prematurely bark to keep Pocket from barking.  But I never bark at just anything.  I am a good girl.
 Since everyone is getting ready for bed after sunset, there are few cars on the road and since the speed limit is ten mph we can out run any wayward motorist.  The only exception is the omnipresent ambulances circling waiting for the inevitable 911 call.
In every yard is a lamp post giving off a soft light.  We are never in the dark, but it is never too bright either (just like Pocket).  It is the perfect illumination for a pleasant trot.
I have learned while walking in the dark that all your other senses become stronger.  We can hear each call from the frog, every cricket squeak, and the cicadas singing.  The smells are so much more aromatic in the dark.  All the pee mail is deep and fascinating.  You can find meaning in the pee that you don’t pick up in the daylight.
The only downside is the flashlight.  When we begin to poop mommy shines it on us.  Normally, when one is in the spotlight, crapping is bad.  I have the instinct to stop the procedure, but once the bomber doors are open, there is no stopping the discharge.
I scurry out of the light immediately after completion.  Honestly such an activity demands some privacy.  I pull on the leash as my dad cleans up the spot.
I like doing my business on the corner where the mean man lives.  He usually yells at dogs who poop on his lawn but at 7:30 he is in bed watching a recording of the previous night’s Hannity.
If you get a chance to become a nightwalker please do.  It is a grand experience.
Just don’t poop in the spotlight.


  1. We know what you mean about the senses are stronger in the dark - we go out in our yard and converse with the neighborhood anipals. There are lights but I like to go as far away from them as I can when I do my business
    Bailey & Hazel too

  2. We had to walk in the dark tonight too! And we did the indignity of shining the light on our dogs while they did their business. You see - we need to check that they're feeling okay (based on their poop). Maybe we'll wait until they're done in the future.

  3. Ghostwriter has always walked the doggies at night. There are a lot less people and doggies to bark at.

  4. I'm obnoxiously laughing my furry butt off!

    Aroo to you,

  5. We would love to walk at night. That's when all the best smells are out. But the Momster is too afraid of falling when she trips over the bumps on the sidewalk that we just have to use the yard at night.

    That flashlight needs to be banned - poop privacy time is very important.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. Actually, that's why we're EARLY morning walkers. We don't act very neighbourly when we see people out on OUR walking paths....hehehe!

  7. Hey there! We love walking in the evenings so other dogs aren't out on our streets. The problem is that is when the kitties roam and Pierre loses his mind when he sees one. It is nice to meet y'all. ☺

  8. Last night there were lots of owls hooting - I wasn't sure about them so ran indoors. I only walk in the garden at night until I am older and can join the others on a village walk - nose licks and love from Moth xx


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