Sunday, February 4, 2018

Abigail and Hollly are our February 4, 2018 Pups of the Week

I always have a special place in my heart for a Yorkie mix, even those I don’t know well.  While I have many friends who knew and loved Abigail the Munchkin I was just making her acquaintance when she was called the to Bridge leaving her broken hearted Mom behind.

Abigail was met by her brother Bertie who preceded her to the Bridge.  Their union was remarkable to see.  Abigail ran with a joy she had not shown in years when she saw her brother.   They met and Bertie, the larger of the two dogs, rolled on his back, and Abigail ran around nipping at him.  Then they stood and joyfully began to chase each other’s tails.  It was all we could do to get them separated so Abigail could begin the procedure of becoming an angel.

Abigail, in the mortal world, was the perfect combination of her litter parents, part Yorkie and part Jack Russell.  She lived in what we Yorkies call the old country, England, where she was happy to play the role of the lovable clown.  In the summer she loved playing in the garden  When winter came to her little town she did not act like some prissy lapdog.  She dug into the snow nose first and rejoiced in the wet and cold.  She met every day of her mortal life with a sense of adventure, as she does at the Bridge.  

She loved to snack on her Mom’s ice cream and didn’t mind getting dressed up in silly costumes so her mom could immortalize her in pictures.  Halloween and Christmas were two of their favorite holidays, and Abigail posed for dozens of photos.   She was a beautiful muse for her artistic mom.

Abigail, in both the mortal and immortal worlds, is a terrier after my own heart.  She shares my two greatest interests:  Eating and sleeping.  Despite being half Jack, Russell Abigail has proven to be an original Yorkie because she comes from the motherland of Yorkshire, England close to the River Ouse.  Losing Abigail is even harder on her mom who recently took ill and was nursed back to health by her sweet Abigail.

Now Abigail and Bertie face their biggest challenge.  They have to let their mom know that they are still there for her, and love her very much, without their mom being able to see them or talk to them.  They are trying very hard with dream and ghost visits, but it is hardest for parents to recognize angel visits when they are grieving.  Aunt Sylvia needs some prayers to get past her grief and recognize when her angels appear.

I also greeted Holly from Da Weenies in Florida, our Blogville friends.  Her pack and parents had the privilege to live with Holly for more than seventeen years.  Holly was expected to arrive at the Bridge last year because of liver failure but thanks to prednisone and her strong will she got another year as a mortal dog with her family. 

 Eventually, the affliction that none of us can conquer, old age, forced Holly to leave her pack and parents.

She lost her hearing, her sight, and her legs began to fail.  She still had a hearty appetite, but she lost weight.  Finally, her parents decided her mortal body had given every ounce of devotion it could.  On Holly’s final night with her parents, her Mom stayed up with her feeding her milk bones until she fell asleep in her mom’s arms.  Holly was placed in her bed and Jennie, Holly’s baby sister crawled into bed with you, and they snuggled for one final night.

Holly crossed the Bridge running with her sight and hearing restored and no pain.  She was met by her litter mom Bailey and sister Sarah.  They played and ran like pups.  Holly’s parents wished that she would spend her time at the Bridge running free but like all angels, a lot of Holly’s time will be spent watching over her mom and searching for a way to let her know she is OK until the day arrives that they are all together again.


  1. Oh I bet all angels will sing a warm welcome song.... and all our angels are still with us... forever&ever...

  2. Since sweet Angels. We've been pals with Holly and her family for a long time and we too were sad to see her depart.

  3. A Yorkie Jack Russell would be delightful, seventeen is a long time for a mortal dog

  4. We did not know Abigail, and we are good friends with Holly's family. So sad to have to bid farewell to two beautiful pups, but we know they are both free of pain and illness. Soft woos and gentle hugs to their families.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. What a precious post to your friends Abigail and Holly....who were so very much loved and will be missed.
    Hugs madi and mom

  6. Pug prayers and comforting thoughts for both families
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. There just are no words to express how grateful I am that you chose to feature Holly today along with Abigail. Thank You..Thank You..Thank You!

    Linda and DaWeenies and the Pack

  8. PS...Your Pup of the Week posts are so special and I always read them. Thank you for what you do to ease the pain for all pet parents who have lost a furbaby.....

  9. It is so sad to lose a beloved pup or kitty. But it's good to know they are in a better place and plan to visit.


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