Sunday, February 18, 2018

Shiloh is our February 18 2018 Pup of the Week

When you are a dog who has been writing a blog for almost nine years and was on social media a year before that, you shouldn’t be surprised when a friend who you met the first day you dipped your paw into the online world, appears at Rainbow Bridge, given the lifespan of dogs.  But I was still stunned when my friend Shiloh appeared this week.

What surprised me was the way Shiloh appeared.  Most dogs cross Rainbow Bridge then climb the stairs that lead up to the cliff where all angels are welcomed.  But Shiloh came down from the heavens, already with wings, because her name is Shiloh the Star Gazer, and before she retired to a more sedate life she thrilled us all with our horoscopes.  Being so in tune with the stars and the Gods earned Shiloh the right to travel past the stars and down upon us.

After Shiloh descended, the rains of mortal anguish fell from the sky as all the tears her friends and family shed when they learned of her passing came down on us.  Once they passed Shiloh, and I gently hugged and then she informed me of what lead to her passing.

Like many dogs, when they get older, Shiloh’s spine began to fail her.  Her brain was sending signals to her paws to move, but the spine was not transmitting the signal.  Moving and everyday life became very difficult for her.  Instead of watching Shiloh slowly deteriorate her parents elected to make the biggest sacrifice of all and send the dog they loved like a child to the Bridge where she could run like a pup again.

If her parents could have seen Shiloh, they would have known their wishes had come true.  As soon Shiloh’s feet touched the dewy grass she began to run in circles feeling all her muscles working as one again.  Then she took off into the sky and gave a yip of pure joy as she barked out “I’m flying, I’m flying.”

Like all dogs, Shiloh crashed, but not like you think.  She landed gently on the ground but then she remembered she would not be seeing her parents that night and she began to cry.  We all ran to Shiloh, comforted her and then we sent her to ghost school so she could learn to visit her parents, dream school so she could slip into their subconscious while they slept, and transformation school so she could become winged creatures, watch over her parents and hopefully her spirit would be recognized.  She picked up all three with little effort and has already been back to see her parents several times. 

 Shiloh is sorry her parents haven’t realized she is there but she is going to keep trying.
When she isn’t visiting her parents, Shiloh is hanging out with her old Doggy Space friends at the Bridge.  We are sharing stories and wonderful memories.

One year we had a secret gift exchange.  It was my pleasure to send presents to Shiloh.  I don’t recall what I sent, but I do remember it was great fun.  After the exchange was over Shiloh’s Dad made my parents a lovely key box with Shiloh’s smiling face on it.  The box is still in our kitchen and always will be.  Everyday my parents’ lives are made better by seeing Shiloh’s smiling face.

And I get to see her smiling face too, and someday her parents will again, and so will everyone reading this.  It will truly be a beautiful reward.  


  1. ❤️💔❤️💔❤️💔🐾

  2. Shiloh was one of MacDougal's first furiends on Doggy Space. Oh, what a reunion these pups must be having at the Bridge! Fly high my friend!

  3. that is a wonderful gift you got.... it's furever like our love to our pups

  4. Oh dear, we remember Shiloh too, such a sweetie pup.

  5. Oh we know how hard it is when your pup can no longer get around. Sending lots of pug hugs and prayers for Shiloh's family
    Hazel & Mabel

  6. If only dogs lived as long as parrots and whales...


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