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Pocket is Worried After Her Mom's Cat Attack Surgery

A terrible occurrence has wreaked havoc on our family.  Cats attacked my Mommy’s eyes, and she needed surgery to fix them.   I don’t know when this attack happened.  I know it was not here.  River Song and I keep a close watch over our parents.  It must have happened when she left the house.  This is why we get upset when she leaves.  River stands on her back paws, wraps her front paws around Mommy’s legs, and holds on whenever she goes near the door. River slows her down but has yet been able to stop her.

We never noticed anything wrong with her eyes, there was no sign of an attack, and she did not have the dreaded kitty smell, but somehow it happened.  River and I need one of those apps that show us if our parents are behaving or in danger when they leave the house.  It has to be programmed to allow us to bark at them if danger, such as a cat eye attacker come near them.

Wednesday morning we got up with the sun, did our business, but did not get breakfast.   I was placed in my crate while River, once Mommy escaped her grasp, paced the kitchen floor on an empty stomach until my parents returned a long two hours later.

Mommy came home wearing a patch over her eye.  Whoever attempted to fix the damage caused by the cat attack turned her into a pirate.  Daddy helped her in the chair.  Then we learned, as Daddy began to make breakfast, our family was facing another terrible calamity.  Daddy would be in charge of the house!  Only Mommy knew how to make our food right, how to take care of us, how to keep our house shipshape.  Now`our Mommy was a pirate, and the fool whose only job was to keep us amused and pick up our poop was in charge of the house.

Somehow he got their breakfast made, and then, after 1,000 hours, our food was presented to us.   He told us we had to be gentle with Mommy for the first couple of days.  After eating River jumped up and shoved her sniffer right in Mommy’s eye patch.  Sometimes her need to smell supersedes her common sense.

I was going to have to become Mommy’s top nurse, and I had big paws to fill.  Foley had seen Mommy through two knee replacement surgeries and breast cancer.  Foley visited me in my dreams and told me I had to make sure my butt was always touching Mommy, so she knew I was there.  I have been trying, but I will never be the nurse Foley was.  And River has assumed the role of her protector barking at every sight or sound anywhere near the house no matter how many times Mommy begs her to stop.  
So far we are managing.  Daddy is working hard to make sure we are fed, and the house is kept clean according to Mommy’s strict standards.  Sometimes, after Mommy makes him wash the same spot ten times until he gets it right, I hear him softly weeping in fear, but I can’t be bothered.  I am Mommy’s chief nurse and have big responsibilities.

The good news is the surgery happened on a Wednesday, and it is already, wait, its Thursday?  Has it only been a day?  We’re never going to make it.

Send lifeboats.  If Mommy doesn’t stop being a pirate soon we are going to sink.  


  1. Pocket, our Mom says she is going to have some cats attack her eyes in a couple of years too, and we are now getting very worried about this. The worst part is that we hear it will happen two times, again a few weeks later - not trying to scare you even more, Pocket, but we think your Dad could be in charge for a long, long time.

    Please tell your Mom we hope her eye heals nicely for her.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. We have family members who have had the "cat attack" surgery and they usually fell and see much better after a little healing. You are good to watch out over her.

  3. Oh no! Good thing she has you to nurse her back to health.
    pug hugs for your mom
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. OH NOES! Those darn kittehs!!!! They must've been feral kittehs, not like Madi and pals. Nonetheless, that is super scary! Also scary is your Pops in charge! Ma says that the male peeps need CLOSE snoopervision ~ you gots to get River to do double duty....sentry AND snoopervisor! You take care of your Moms, and we hopes she doesn't start drinkin' rum and swearin' like...wells, a sailor! ☺
    Sendin' lots of POTP and healin' vibes and rum...
    Ruby ♥

  5. Oh I hope your mama is back from pirate to 100% your mama soon... we send lots of potp for a fast recovery...

  6. Purrs to your Mom from all of us, our Dad will be a pirate before too long.

  7. Your mom is so lucky to have such qualified medical help as you are, Hope she recovers soon.

  8. Dear Pocket, I will ask my Angel Meow-Meow to keep those nasty cat-attacks away from your Mommy... Meow is a great protector and loves humans, doggies and all animals but she does not like bullies!!!

  9. Those Cat Attacks are a huge PAIN for us pups...except the peeps tend to have to stay quiet. We were BANISHED in camp for a whole week when they attacked HER! We feel for ya....(and Dad)

  10. Our Mom had that too, twice. Now she can see better when we're getting into trouble. She says she has eyes in the back of her head. Wonder when she got those?


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