Friday, June 15, 2018

Foley and Friends go on a Wild West Adventure to Steal some Kibble

I was sittin’ outside my cottage in the hot sun watching as it moved across the sky.  It burned my fur but felt good. I smelled a familiar scent and looked up to see Outlaw Apollo, the oldest Angel in this part of the Bridge sitting on top of his horse.  He asked me if I wanted to get some easy kibble and I told him I sure did.

We got on our horses and rode to the Board of Big Guys’ railroad office.  I had a tougher time controlling my ride since I had to sit on its head. When we arrived at the office, we were ambushed by Chelsea the Small, who I had confided in during our Yorkie meeting the day before.  I never thought my friend would betray me, but she had and absconded with the kibble.

We needed a posse to go after Chelsea the Kid and get back the kibble for the Big Guy Board,  then steal it from them for ourselves. We recruited Bisket, a great scout, and Aran, the fastest paw in the west.  We slipped south of the border where we met Cassie, an expert on the hills where we knew Chelsea had fled.

We made camp under the stars that night, eating beans, tooting, and making sure we didn’t poop near where we slept.  We didn’t know we were in the area ruled by General Reyah, the best horse dog in the land until Reyah and her group entered our camp that morning.  Aran recognized that General Reyah had a squirrel that was Aran’s sworn enemy in his saddle. Aran barked at it and scared it off raising General Reyah’s ire.  Apollo defused the situation. General Reyah was also after Chelsea’s kibble and now, to pay for the cost of the squirrel, we had to steal the kibble, from Chelsea, and then the Big Guys,  and then General Reyah. I was ready to head for the hills, but Apollo told me I had to be cool. He had everything under control.

We caught up to Chelsea and her gang, including, Sophie Rae and Sage.  We loaded our guns with tennis balls and began firing at them. The three dogs ran off after the balls, and we headed to the kibble.  But Chelsea had a contingency plan, and she had left her cook, Bailey, frying some bacon. No dog can resist bacon. We chowed it down unaware that Bailey had covered it with rescue remedy. We fell asleep and Chelsea, Sophie-Rae, and Sage returned with the balls in their mouths, realized they had been fooled, picked up Bailey and left us.

Apollo awoke us, and we were back on our horses with Cassie, Biskit, and Aran firing tennis balls at Chelsea’s crew.  We have almost caught up to them at the Bridge. Chelsea leads her crew across it and then blew the structure leaving us on the wrong side.

Cassie saw something on the ground.  It was a collar. She sniffed it and got a foul look on her face.  The collar belongs to Reyah. She had been working with Chelsea all along.  An angry and impulsive Aran took off after Reyah. Apollo instructed Biskit to follow her.  Aran ran right into a meeting between Chelsea’s gang and Reyah’s. Biskit was soon captured too.  Reyah’s gang tortured Aran by giving her a lot of water and then locking her in her mother’s house where she couldn’t pee.  Aran had her legs crossed. Biskit was released with a message for us.

We were to leave the territory and never come back.  But that didn’t sit well with Outlaw Apollo, and I was determined to rescue Aran.  Bisket lead us back to their camp where Chelsea and Reyah were counting the kibble.  We went in tennis balls flying, frisbee throwing, kong filled peanut butter tossing attack on our enemies.  They could not resist the treats and ran off leaving the kibble unguarded. We had just finished filling our saddle bags with kibble when Chelsea returned and said we could give the kibble back to them or watch Aran, who had been desperately trying to signal us she was locked inside and needed to pee, do the biggest doggy sin, dribble indoors.  Aran would never live it down.

By this time Reyah and the rest of her gang had returned.  There was some snarling going on, and I thought there could be a real dogfight.  As a judge, I needed to do something. “Why don’t we all just eat the kibble, enjoy it, and go home?” I asked.  Apollo, Chelsea, and Reyah thought about it and agreed, and then we cut the kibble bags open to great cheering.

I got the house key from Reyah and set Aran free. She took a five-minute pee.  Then we ate, played with the tennis balls, and the frisbees, drank lots of water and had a grand time until it was all gone.  Just then one of the Big Guy’s Wolves rode up and asked us if we knew what happened to the kibble. I said we had been on the trail of some coyotes who stole it.  I could tell he didn't believe us, but he had no proof. I know the Big Guys are supposed to be all knowing and all seeing but they miss a lot. The Big Guy’s Wolf told us to get back where we belonged, and we all rode into the sunset.

I looked back.  The Big Guy Wolf picked up a lone kibble and stared at us.  I knew what they meant. If this blog makes enough money, it’s sequel time!


  1. That was quite the big adventure!!! And you know, we all love a good sequel, or maybe after a few sequels, it is time to do a prequel, sort of like all that Star Wars stuff!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. The Wild West is not so bad! I’ve lived in it for a long time! BOlL! I’m glad that you had a successful kibble run!

  3. We really miss the western movies of olden days. Thanks for reminding us why.

  4. Ya sure done good tracking down that kibble!

  5. Wow you did a great job getting that kibble. mags and gus