Sunday, June 17, 2018

Presley and Bowie, with Daisy and Layla, are our June 17, 2018 Pups of the Week

I have to admit, when  Presley passed two weeks ago I was distraught.  I knew how much his mom loved him, and I could feel her pain.  I reported that Presley when he arrived at the Bridge, said: “let’s finish this.”  I thought he meant the final steps to the immortal life, but it was something else entirely.

Presley, from his first day as an angel knew he had to find another dog for his mom and brother Jovi.  Presley took a crash course on how to visit dogs in their dreams and by the second day he was interviewing pups for the critical position of sleeping on his couch and filling his house with love.

Presley found the perfect dog, but he had to accomplish a task that angels who have spent dozens of years at the Bridge find difficult.  He had to go into Jovi’s dreams, take him, and bring him into Bowie’s dreams. It was a dream threeway, and it went flawlessly.

Jovi and Bowie hit it off right away.  Presley played with them as he passed the torch from himself to Bowie.  Then Presley topped all the angels by bringing Jovi and Bowie with him into his mom’s dreams so she would know that Bowie was the right dog for her and Jovi was happy to have Bowie for a little brother.

Now Bowie is home with his brother Jovi, another music legend rocking the walls of the Lewis’ house.  Presley was watching them play with a sweet smile on his face. He then turned away and laid down in the sun to take his first well deserved immortal nap.

While all our attention was on Angel Presley recent Rainbow Bridge Angel Daisy was working on finding a replacement for herself at her dad’s farm.  She interviewed lots of dogs who were on Petfinder because she knew that is where her dad would look.

Daisy found a beautiful German Shepard mix named Layla.  She got into her brother Kane’s dreams and told him she had located his new pack mate.  She was willing to try a three-way but Kane, being an outside dog, told Daisy he trusted her judgment, and if he was not compatible with the Layla, Kane had the whole farm to play. Daisy assured her beloved brother that would not be necessary. They would get swimmingly. Everyone did with Kane.
She popped into her Dad’s dreams and told him where to look.  In the morning his Dad found Layla on the Internet. As soon as they met Daisy’s dad knew this German Shepherd mix was the pup for him.  He will be picking Layla up on Monday. The perfect Father’s Day gift for a dad with a broken heart.

When her job was done, Daisy took a long rest in the sun too.  

After endless weeks or writing about at least one dog a week who arrived at the Bridge it has been a joy to write about two who have found their forever homes and will fill them with love.  

And remember each year, just before Father’s Day, will be two Gocha Days for a pair of exceptional dogs.


  1. What beautiful pups chosen by lovely dogs for their sweet owners.

  2. We do love it when the forever home happens!

  3. Heart warming fur sure. Mom was just thinking about how thankful she is that Angel Greta found me to bring joy back to her life

  4. We are so darn happy they have found a new home, angels work in the most wonderful ways....gus and mags

  5. Eneering dreams seems so hard to do, we're glad it can be done.