Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday Question

What do you do when you are left alone at home?

Pocket:  I am in my crate with a blanket and a small bed.  I usually stand up waiting for my parents to come home but lie down when I am tired.  There is a lot of barking involved.

River Song:  I am nor in a crate because I always managed to get out of it.  I spend my time either on a chair looking out the living room window or standing looking out the kitchen window.  Sometimes I lie on the kitchen table.  I am always on guard.  


  1. Rosy - "I enjoy a nice nap in my crate"

    Arty - "I like to hang out on the couch or the chair..or even the big bed, if available and nap"

    Jakey-"Can you believe these 2, the world is ending, the pawrents are gone and they SLEEP?! I look everywhere for them, I mean they could be stuck in any of the millions of nooks and cranny!!"
    (Mama and Daddy have security cameras they have used to help formulate this answer ;-)

  2. Lightning: I don't like it at all when they leave. I whine and cry at the door for about five minutes. Then I lie down and go to sleep.

    Misty: I sniff at the door for a little bit and then I try to get Timber to play with me.

    Timber: I stay as close as I can to the door for a very long time. I never want my Mom to go anywhere. Eventually I do go over to Misty but not to play, just to lie as close to her as i can.

  3. turning into a wrecking ball ;O)))

  4. I sit in my bed at the front door wiv my nose pressed against the glass and don't move or sleep a wink until the peeps get back home.
    (and I have no idea how Mum's shoes moved on the stairs it must have me a poltergeist!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. River, you get on the kitchen table? Don't you get in trouble for that? I, Lucy sleep in the peep's bed most of the day. Sometimes I get in the chair by the front window and watch what's going on in the neighborhood. ~Lucy
    I am stuck in my big wire kennel when Mommy has to go out without me. All my friends are in there with me and sometimes I hide treats under my soft pillows. ~Xena

  6. WELL Dad traps us in the kitchen when he leaves, he puts a pee pad down and our big blankie, and we sleep. When mom leaves, we lay on the couch and watch a little TV. Sometimes we party with the cats and Ed but our parents are not aware of this situation. Mags and Gusser

  7. When I was a pup, I would whine and cry so much whenever I was in a crate that none of my humans had the heart to make me stay in it. I'm a cocker after all. Our job is to stay close to our humans at all times. (Think Lady and the Tramp.)

  8. we pretend to sleep but really we are on guard duty.

    Misty and her minions

  9. MOLMOLMOL funny that you should ask. There is the funniest
    Swiffer commercial on the TVees right now. A Persian Kitty is sleeping peacefully. As soon as the door closes he hops on every surface in the house and shakes his furs. The peeps come home and have to swiffer again. Mom is purrty sure that is what I do.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. I, Mabel go in my crate when Mom & Dad leave. I get a treat for going in and it is what I am used to. I usually just nap. Hazel usually stays in the kitchen near my crate in one of the dog beds
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. We sing or as Mom calls it we howl. Even if she just goes to the mailbox, we sing.