Monday, November 12, 2018

Monday Question

How do you act when you meet strange people or dogs?\

Pocket:  Sadly, not well.  We were not the most socialized dogs as puppies.  We tend got bark a lot at either people or dogs.  We want attention from people and don't want dogs taking attention from us.  We are not aggressive at all and wouldn't hurt a fly but we kind of embarrass our parents with our barking and behavior.  


  1. Misty: I greet them and welcomr them into my pack.

    Timmy: I ignore them and hope they'll go away.

    Chamois:I do what Miaty tells me.

  2. I try to say hello... butt da neilson is totally weird... he barks at all people who are without a dog ;O)))

  3. Xena: *hangs head* Mommy says I embarrass her, too. She picks me up to get me to stop barking at the people and the dogs.
    Lucy: I LOVE people and dogs and wiggle all over and grin at them. I make people happy to see me so they won't be afraid and will pet me!
    Mom: Can you just see the circus I am dealing with on walks, trying to keep them both under control?

  4. If they are outside our delivery people...we bark and growl like maniac dogs. If we're walking, Roxy wants to meet everyone, Dui tries to attack and Bella just hides.

  5. Hazel loves everybody. Me it depends. When we are away from home I like most all people (especially if they have given me a treat at some time or another). I like most dogs too but sometimes bigger dogs make me want to bark at them. At home is another matter. If I don't know you well and you come into my house I will bark and bark and bark at you. Sometimes I am not happy and sometimes I just want the person to get down on my level so I can maul them with kisses
    Hazel too

  6. It is pretty much a circus here too...
    Arty-Most people are ok...most...Little dogs are cool, but big dogs are evil!
    Jakey-People are totally fantabulous...all dogs are evil(he has to be picked up while we walk him)
    Rosy-Shy around people, loves dogs of all shapes and sizes!

    Les sigh...

  7. Misty and Timber love all people and all dogs to the point that they get upset if the peeps especially don't dote all over them. Lightning is more hesitant, but once he is comfortable, he too loves all people. As for other dogs, we are fine with most dogs, but we don't like it when loose dogs come running at us when we are out for our walks. And we probably play a little too roughly for small dogs.

  8. I tend to like everyone when I meet them, the others tuck and run!

  9. Since the collies go to dog shows, they are very used to meeting and seeing dogs of all shapes and sizes. Which is fortunate, as I don't think the judges would tolerate them barking at the other dogs.


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