Friday, November 23, 2018

Pocket Cannot Stop Winter From Coming

When the garden season ended, I thought that we would have some cold, wet days but I did not think we would have snow. Then Mother Nature went ha!

Three nights later I went outside to do my business, and the most terrible thing happened.  I put my paws down and immediately felt two of my least favorite sensations: cold and wet.  I put my nose into the white stuff and felt a sinus freeze down to my paws. It was snow!

How did this happen?  It was much too early in the season for such an abomination.  I know many dogs who love snow and God bless them. But their bodies and their private parts are high off the ground.  They don’t know how difficult it is to spit out a few drops of pee and having to concentrate on pooping with your shooter pressed up against the snow.   And humans complain about a cold toilet seat!

It wasn’t much snow, but when you have short legs a little is a lot.  The night the storm hit I had to go out for my midnight poop. It was the worst.  I was shivering, and wet. The wind was blowing sharp little flakes in my face. It is too wet to walk on the grass so I have to do it in the road and make sure there are none of the monsters who dump large chunks of winter at the end of the driveway approaching because I would have to stop mid-poop, which is like stopping mid-child birth, or end up in a snow bank until spring.

The weather voices said that the snow would be gone by the next morning, but it decided to stay through the weekend.  Before then it was cold, but that is to be expected as the holiday season kicks off.  I feel bad for dogs who live with the same temperature year round.  Do they know its Christmas time at all?

When the snow melted, it left the ground squishy.  I am lucky that I am light. When I poop all my weight goes on my back legs, and when the ground is wet, I sink.  Luckily I don’t go far.  If I landed in my own poop, it would be so humiliating.

There is one aspect of snow that I do enjoy.  Snowflakes pick up so many different smells when they fall to the Earth.   They pass Rainbow Bridge, the planets, the asteroids, and our atmosphere before they finally nestle on the ground.  When the snow melts, there are a thousand different smells that settle on to the grass including messages from our angels.  Have you noticed how much we dog love to sniff the ground after snowmelt? There is so much to learn under a snowbank.  If only our parents could sniff the heavens like we do they would understand our intensity and not yank us away.

Snowfall before Thanksgiving means I am going to have five months of snow.   That is almost three years in dog time, which is a lot of ice under the paws.

Praying to Mother Nature for warm weather and sunny skies. I hope she is finally over menopause.  


  1. We have tried to hold our poops until spring but it doesn't work

  2. Dang, that is seriously too much winter!

  3. Winter and snow came way too early this year. My ghostwriter has been grumbling a lot about it. I don't mind it as long as it's not higher than my head.

  4. Oh poor little thing! Guess I'm one of those pups you spoke of who lives in a place where the weather never changes. Now how can I get that Christmas spirit when it's 90 degrees outside????

  5. My first year with Mom there was this big Arctic Freeze and it was minus 26 with the wind chill. I'd pee right by the door but I would NOT go potty. Mom had to put down potty mats in the garage for me so I had someplace to go. We hope it's Spring for you soon!

    Abby Laba

  6. I am so sorry that the snow came so early, Pocket! I hope that Mother Nature is kind to you this winter, and that she has lots of hot flashes, to keep you warm!

  7. Brrr. Sorry you have early snow. Winter has started early most everywhere in the US, it seems. Stay as warm and dry as possible.

  8. Charlie was the only one who loved the snow. Star really hates it since she is so short.

  9. Sorry Pocket. I don't knows this plight. I lives where it never snows, and it rarely gets below 30. If you wants, you can stay with me til spring!
    Ruby ♥

  10. Snow came early here too, and tomorrow we are expecting another big storm. We are on the southern edge so we may not get as much as north of us. But they say at least 3". As northern breed dogs, we love the snow, but we understand why you don't like it so much. We hope this storm doesn't head your way next.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. We got cold rain and wind. then this afternoon is snowed but it did not stick. But we know it is coming - dang winter
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. We all love the snow but our angel brother Monty hated it. Even though he was a big boy, our Dad would have to shovel a clear place for him to poop.

  13. Pocket, none of us have ever experienced snow! Since we are all short and from your description, we are very happy about that!

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  15. Maxx says: the last day we had grass, Mom stepped in my poop AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT! Walked all around the house. When she went to Grandpa's, she discovered that BOTH her shoes had my signature! BOL. P.S. stay dry.


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