Monday, January 21, 2019

Monday Question

Are you a collared dog, a harnessed dog, do you go bareback? Please describe your collar, or your harness and your leash.

Pocket: I have a red harness with a cloth under the neck that had a red sky with stars and planets.  We have two leashes. One is a purple Kong leash that is six feet long and has a second handle near the bottom and another leash that matches River's harness.
River: My harness (that matches one of our leashes) is pink, green and white and has flowers on it. It is getting kind of worn. I think I need a new one. 


  1. I has multiple harness, collar, and leash sets. I always wear a harness when outside.

  2. We wear collars. Roxy a pink and purple splotched one and the scotties have tartan...naturally. We all use extendible leads, and walk well unless there is a cat!

  3. I have a collar that says "Bad to the Bone" which I always wear. I do have a nice new one that says "The Daily Bone" on it, but it's a bit too big.

  4. We are all collared dogs. We wear slip collars because Mom likes them best. We have leashes that have a carabiner clip with a lock so there is no chance our leashes will come free from our collars. We also wear Gentle Leaders when we walk, and Mom manages to clip both our collars and our Gentle Leaders to the leash at the same time - just in case one of the two collars breaks:) Such a worry wart.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. We have breakaway collars for inside and harnesses for out.

  6. we use collars or harnesses... the mama said she was surprised that we walked properly with the collars today, no pulling nor weird behavior... seems we have to work on that topic hehe

  7. Jakey is a "slip collar" or Martindale Collar guy...he is an expert collar escpe artist!

    Rosy is a collar girl

    Arty is a collar guy, unless we are on a walkie, then he is a harness guy.

    We are all harnessed when we travel and all go nekky at night!

    Whew...guess we are a mixed bunch!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  8. We go naked at home. Collars when going to class or the vet. Harnesses when camping and traveling. Hazel's harness is purple and her collar is black with paw prints and a tag that says "my mom is a pugaholic". I have two collars one is purple and one is green and tans. My harness is black and purple.

  9. We all have collars that we wear all the time. We also all have harnesses for car rides. Mackey and Sydney have walking harnesses because they like to pull. There are leashes everywhere so Mom can grab one whenever she needs it. In a large pack you need lots of equipment.

  10. It depends. Our usual collars are pretty pink with pretty designs. When we go for walks, we both have the front hook harnesses. It keeps Lucy walking nicely, but Mommy says it doesn't do a dam thing to help me walk with her better. I also have a pinch collar, and Mommy says I have the typical thick skin of a schnauzer and it doesn't do a dam thing to help the situation either. XOX Xena


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