Thursday, January 31, 2019

Pocket Relates How She Survives the Shutdown

Thank God the government shutdown has concluded. I can rest easier knowing the government agencies I rely upon are in place again.

I can safely eat knowing the people who inspect my crappy kibble and beloved treats are back at work. Every morning during the shutdown I questioned what crap was in my crappy kibble. It caused tummy unrest. Additionally, I sometimes snack on stray River stools which meant I was eating crap produced by unregulated crap. This shutdown was complicated.

The weather has been crazy since government regulation ended. In the space of three days we had rain, then snow, then ice, then temperatures in the 50s and then back to cold. I don't know how we survived without government controlled weather.

When I stopped by the vets for a simple rabies shot, there were lines like you have never seen. Usually, when I am just getting a shot, I am in and out of the vets in five minutes. This time I had to wait a half hour next to a shivering chihuahua. That little dog freaked me out. I am going to instruct my mama to schedule my annual checkup before February 15th, so I am not stuck waiting in the lobby with filthy animals infected with unspeakable diseases.

During the shutdown, the southern border of our crawlspace was susceptible to penetration by kitties trying to steal our heat. River and I did our best to sniff the grates and bark in hopes of scaring the infiltrators, but this method of securing our border is haphazard at best.

River and I have not been for a walk since this mishegas began. I don't know if it was the road conditions, the weather, or lazy parents but the shutdown interfered with daily strolls.

Because there was no NFL regulation, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl again. How did this happen?  I had been told that there would be one, possibly two, Patriot playoff games during the Shutdown which would cause loud and tense Sundays, and make my tummy flip flop,  but now, not only will there be a third game, but it is the loudest, most tense one of them all. Not only that but, with the game on, I can't watch Outlander. I can't sleep Sunday night without checking on Jamie and Claire.  Is anyone more dismayed that the Patriots are in the Super Bowl than I?

Since the shutdown began, mommy has found some dry pee stains on the floor.  I don't know how they got there, but I am blaming Sum Udder Dog. One good thing about the shutdown is that mommy could not send the pee out for DNA testing.  Our days of free peeing in the house may have ended now that the Shutdown is over.

I worry with Ranger Rick and his co-workers not reporting for duty that the squirrel breeding has gone unchecked meaning there are caravans of squirrels forming in our national parks planning to invade our yards and trees. If we can't control squirrel infiltration, then we don't have a home.

Now that the temporary shutdown has become a momentary” turn on” let's hope it becomes a permanent one and this little Yorkie can live in peace.


  1. I'm happy to be back to work. Yes, they issued us backpay (I was one of those working but not getting paid) They said it wouldn't be exact but it would be close. My check was $2800 less than normal. I guess when you are trillions in debt that is "close",.

  2. Pocket this "glob" is pure genius! I loved reading it especially about the squirrels! We need to call the Critter Patrol! Golden Kisses from the mountain Enzo

  3. Sum Udder Dog and Not Me have been busy at our house too. That happens when the government isn't operating. And we did our best to make the Patriots lose.

  4. Pocket, feel ya gurl! I too, was wonderin' what was in my crappy kibbles...I was hoping no squirrel poops or squirrel snots, butts, really, can we be sure???? (I passed on the tasting of street crap....☺) Anyhu, I have been dismayed abouts the P's bein' in the big game AGAIN, and have now become *cough, cough* a RAMS fan (at least for the weekend, I am sure my Niners will forgives me...).
    Out here on the West Coast, the Elephant Seals have taken over the beaches during the shutdown. Since there were no Rangers to scare them off they have moved into the parking lots and the picnic tables ~ and had babies! All because the shutdown. now everyone has to wait til they leave. infiltrators. Big stinky infiltrators....
    paws crossed the government stays open, or there is not tellin' what will come ashore next...
    Ruby ♥

  5. we hear you for waiting at the vet...we always have the luck to wait with furkids what are more scared or naughty than we are (if that is possible) and together we cook up the trouble to the max ;O)

  6. I am sure glad you were able to survive that silly ordeal!

  7. BL - you crack us up!!! And WE are not happy about the Patriots being in the SuperBowl. Our Chiefs should have won that playoff and they would be there. Mom says don't get her started on how THAT game went down:(

    So Pocket, have you made any plans for a potential second shutdown.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Those kitties! I've heard they are rapist and murders and some are even good people!!!

  9. Love the story. Mommy does not watch football. She does not care who wins.


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