Friday, August 9, 2019

Foley Shares Popular Dog Hashtags

We dogs have kept a secret from you humans:  We have our own Twitter. Like a high pitched whistle, these tweets are only recognized by dogs.  I have been allowed to share with you some popular hashtags. 

#WhatsThatSmell?: This one is always trending. As is,

#NeverHump:  Very popular with the spade and neuter crowd.

#IsThatThunderOrFireworks?:  An oft posted and self-explanatory summer hashtag.

#WhereisMommyWhereisMommyWhereisMommyWhereisMommyWhereisMommy?: This, along with #WhereisDaddy? is tweeted a million times by nervous dogs throughout the day. When their parents come home the tweet #IsItSupperYet? is posted a thousand times.

#ThrowTheBallThrowTheBallThrowTheBallForTheLoveOfGodThrowTheBall: This is the number one trending topic at the park.

#FakeBrady: Someone who pretends to throw you the ball but doesn't, making you chase after nothing, and look foolish. 

#ChanelNumberBleh: A dog that had been shampooed so much they lost their natural scent.

#MuellerButtSniffer:  A dog who spends an abnormally long time sniffing your butt and when he is done he is unable to draw any conclusions about you.

#HisLifeIsAnOpenButt: Dogs who give away too much information about themselves on the first whiff.

#FoodMyHumanDroppedOnTheFloor: Self-explanatory.

#NurseRatchedTreat:  When you think you are getting a piece of cheese and you find a pill in it.  

#BitterLitter: When your ungrateful kids won't call you.

#SecondSuperDiner: A poop eater.

#Pussyhats: An ill-fated dog scheme to make cats wear sombreros.

#FreeASAPRocky: A plea for a squirrel to be allowed out of his tree so you can kill it right away.

#Resist: The bath

#MAGA: A proud post for dogs who visit senior centers and means My Adopted Grandma's Awesome.

#Hamburgular: A dog who steals food from the grill.

#CommonStreetWalker:  A dog who walks on the street with just a leash and collar.

#DrRichardKimbleForaDay:  A dog that runs away from home for a few hours then comes home.

#MyPeopleAreTheBest:  What every dog tweets constantly


  1. Brilliant--I spit out my coffee at #MuellerButtSniffer

  2. Very funny, Foley. But we think we might just have to check out a few of those hashtags:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. No one in this household tweets. Me and Lucy think we are living in cave times.#MeXenaYouFoley

  4. These are great hashtags
    Mabel & Hilda


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