Sunday, August 4, 2019

Guluva, A Hero Dog, is our August 4,2019 Pup of the Week

Dogs will do anything to save their parents, but Guluva, a crossbreed dog from Philippi, South Africa, was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for his family.  
Guluva lives with his beloved human, Derrick Mfengwawa, and his family.  He was happily playing in his gated yard when Mfengawa’s brother-in-law drove up and unlocked the gate that surrounds the property.   

Guluva heard a commotion by the gate.  Taking pride in his role as a protector, he walked towards it and found their guest trying to get back in his car while being surrounded by a group of criminals who were attempting to steel the vehicle. 

When the criminals saw a determined Guluva charging at them, they turned heel and ran. One of them fired a shot as he fled. 

Guluva was ready to sacrifice his life to save humans. We dogs may not have the best eyesight, but we do have sharp ears and outstanding noses. 

Guluva heard the bullet crackling through the air and smelled the bitter, sour scent of a recently discharged shot.  He determined where it was and jumped in its path to impede its progress. 

The bullet hit Guluva in the face. It briefly staggered the dog.   He ran in circles and rubbed his face on the ground. Remarkably the bullet did not take him down. 
When Derek's sister heard the shot, she ran outside screaming that someone had shot her boyfriend.  Derek saw blood on the ground and reached the same conclusion. They were stunned to find the boyfriend uninjured and Guluva still standing. 

Then Daniel noticed his brave little man was bleeding from the nose and mouth. His brother-in-law told him how Guluva had taken the bullet for him. Daniel got a towel from the house and wrapped Guluva's head then rushed him to the vet. 

The dogs who were on prayer patrol that day were discouraged about Guluvu's prognosis.  They flew their prayers up to the mountains to The Ones Who Decide and vehemently lobbied them to have mercy and to spare Guluvu.  The dog angels knew the Ones Who Decide did not like getting involved in helpless causes. Still, the angels persisted with every measure of their devotion.   

We don't know what the cause of the miracle that happened that day was.   It might have been the prayers, or that Guluva's feat was so exceptional that it needed to be acknowledged by the Ones, or that it was just a lucky shot, but when the vets examined Guluva they determined the bullet went through his nose, the roof of his mouth and exited under his jaw, while not hitting anything vital.  A few stitches would staunch the bleeding. Guluvu is to stay at the vet's for a few to ensure there was no infection, but his prognosis was for a full recovery. 

Guluvu is still in need of prayers. A lot can happen when a dog is hospitalized.   Those angels who flew the original prayers to the One who Decides are working extra hard to make sure that' the little hero is returned to his family, safe and sound.  

So I bring to you the rarest to stores. The hero dog who stopped a bullet and got shot in the face for his troubles but somehow in a great confluence of love, prayers, and devotion is still with his family ready to save them on another day.

Dogs are humans angels on Earth, and sometimes they need the angels at the Bridge to help them. We are always happy to oblige.


  1. What a very courageous dog, we are sure he has more days to protect his loved ones.

  2. Such a true, true hero and we hope the all better gets there soon.


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