Sunday, August 11, 2019

Scooter Lawson is our August 11, 2019 Pup of the Week

Once again, we at Rainbow Bridge have been subject to the curse of three.  

This week Scooter became my third friend from the Judd-Lawson gang to ascend to the Bridge, joining his siblings Jack and Jill. 
Scooter's mama Tina has always had large packs. The bigger the pack, the more love in the house.  But, it also means there is more heartache.  

Scooter entered this world with several strikes against him. He was a puppy mill dog and arrived at the Judd-Lawson home with all the social issues and anxieties that accompany them.

It took a lot of patience to get Scooter assimilated to life as a family dog. It is likely, in less experienced families, that Scooter would have been surrendered.  But, Mama Tina had been challenged by dogs before, and she had never given up the fight. 

Scooter found his niche in the crowded pack.  He was goofy, weird, and quirky, which made him stand out.  His mom could not have loved him more if he had come from champion bloodlines.  

 Scooter was unable to avoid the health issues that plague puppy mill dogs.  In 2016, at nine years of age, Scooter became gravely ill. After days of mystery, as Scooter drifted further away, the vet diagnosed him with hemorrhagic gastrointestinal disease.  After medication, he was back to his quirky self.  

Three years later, that wasn't to be the case.  All dogs are given a certain amount of heartbeats.  Puppy mill dogs get even less. Scooter managed to get more than twelve years out of his heart, a startling achievement given his humble beginnings.   But, when the Bridge Charons told him it was his time Scooter had little energy to hold them off. 

The Bridge Charons are the ones who present us with the final illness, which will be the medical reason we go to the Bridge.  Without humans, we would leave without fuss, which is why you never see squirrels with cancer. They just go to the Bridge to further torment us.  But, people are logical, and they need a reason that we go, which is why we get the final disease. 

This one came without a name.  Scooter became tired and would not eat.  He spent a weekend at the vets, but there was no improvement.  He was in pain and exhausted. His mom knew she had to help her little man.  Heartbroken, she made the sacrifice of setting him free taking on all his pain on to herself. 

Jack and Jill were thrilled to be reunited with their little brother.  When he saw them, he bounded across the Bridge like a puppy, which is how he felt.  He was so grateful to his mom for taking away the awful pain. If possible, he is even more devoted to her as an angel.   

Scooter was given one privilege when he arrived. We angles have birds who are fed continuously. Scooter was allowed to send the birds to the puppy mill breeders who caused him so many problems and let the birds poop all over them.

Scooter attests that no revenge is better than Rainbow Bridge revenge.


  1. that was a good revenge... and we hope for that evil guys the berds become angry berds and they are armed with real bombs...

  2. We're glad that dear Scooter got the purrfect revenge.

  3. We are glad that the puppy millers got their poopy due.

  4. I think one of those birdies got his directions mixed up and he has been steadfastly pooping on dad's car instead. Maybe Scooter needs to set him straight.

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