Sunday, February 14, 2010

Doxie is our February 14, 2010 Pup of the Week

We have lots of members on the Tanner Brigade. We aren’t like DS where each dog has his own page, so our number of members isn’t inflated. For the most part, we have profiles with an entire family of dogs included. Sometimes these dogs get lost in the shuffle. Other times their secretaries are just too darn busy to help their pups type.

You won’t find this week’s Pup of the Week amongst our members’ names, because his Mom put her pups’ profiles under her name. Also you won’t find very many posts from this profile. For those of us who have dual identities on Facebook and DS we have been kept abreast of this poor pup’s problems.

All of us who are on, or were on, DS, know this pup well. We have been following the little guy’s health problems and have wondered how his poor Mom has been able to handle the stress. But she is a puppy Mom warrior and nothing can make her stop caring for her little Dachshund.

This past week he took a turn for the Bridge, not that anyone has punched his ticket for the train, but he’s fighting his Mom when she tries to give him his pills. Without his pills he’ll have a much more difficult time staying with us, additionally he is not eating. Hence his poor Mom, through the work and stress, is not getting much sleep.

As always, behind our pup of the week, is a wonderful, loving, supportive, Mom and nobody can beat his Mom in the art of puppy nursing. Like our friend Morgan it is because of his Mom’s strength that he is still with us. She has given every part of herself to insure her pup’s health.

So, it is our honor, to name Doxie the Dachshund our Pup of the Week and to name his mother Janis Hornet our Shining Star Mom of the Week (sorry to other Pup of the Week Mom’s who we have not so honored, you are all deserving, but being stuck inside because of snow left lots of thinking time and we thought of this.)

Because of how busy she is with Doxie his Mom may not read this blog or see your comments, so stop by her page here, or if you’re own Facebook her page there, or even back on DS to give her your love and support. Another friend tipped me off to this last week, so let’s pay it forward and spread the word to help Doxie and his Mom, our Pup and Shining Star Mom of the Week.

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