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Kolchak and Felix are our pups of the week for November 7, 2010

It is an inescapable fact of life that we get older with each passing minute. For dogs, when we age, and our quality of life makes drawing breath more taxing then walking a mile was just a year before, humans do what they term the humane thing, they take us to the doctors, their hearts breaking, their eyes swamped with tears, and we are given a tiny little shot. We fall asleep, and when we wake up we are surrounded by our friends at the bridge, and we can run several miles without being taxed a bit.

But humans don't make the humane decision when it comes to their own kind. Maybe they shouldn't refer to it as humane and change it to canmane since humans aren't allowed the same courtesy of dying in dignity, looking into the eyes of those we love the most, and remembering who they are.

Instead humans either make room for aged family members in their house, where, unless a family has been truly blessed with love, their last days are tension filled, or they are moved into a "home," which is similar to how they came into the world. It is a nursery, just with bigger beds.

Except for our families, who love us more than anyone, other humans who love us are on either side of the life cycle. Little humans get very excited when they see us, yelling their blunt statements of the obvious "look at the puppy, look at the puppy," while older humans just want to give us a scratch, to look into our eyes, to feel our warmth, to look for a sign from us of the many dogs they once owned.

This week, our Pups of the Week, Kolchak and Felix did exactly that, taking time out of their day of test tasting treats and casting, and then recanting, gypsy spells to bring love to those who most need it. Our friend Felix is a registered therapy dog, which we have so much appreciation for because we do not have the discipline to get anything more than a dog license, but Kolchak, he's just a free spirit like us.

But Kolchak brought just as much love without a snip of training as Felix did. They made it a very Happy Halloween for the people there, and probably flooded their minds with a million happy memories. There is no more noble work a dog can do.

Plus Kolchak and Felix single pawedly helped push the organization SAINTS into second place on the Pepsi Refresh Website. The first place finisher gets $25,000 towards their project. By getting the votes to push SAINTS into second place their organization continues to stay in contention on the site and can get the money if we vote. In Kolchak's and Felix's own words: "SAINTS is an organization in our city that provides vet care, shelter, palliative care & end of life services to paws with nowhere else to go."

To honor our pups of the week click this link and give SAINTS a vote. Koly, Felix, and the pups they are rallying for deserve it.


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