Friday, November 5, 2010

An open house on Halloween leads to a day of fun for Pocket

I never knew what having an open house meant until Sunday. It means a day full of fun!

Our realtor Donna came over just before noon time on Sunday. I like Donna a lot. She is very friendly. Plus she can't sell a house. I am happy about that because I like it here. It has taken me three years to pee on every square foot of this place. At the age of three I don't know if I have the energy to start over at a new place.

Have you ever had an open house? I don't know what goes on. We had to leave, which was super sweet because I love to leave with Mommy, Daddy, and Foley. From the sounds of it they kick down all the walls, flip off the ceiling, and let the common folk walk through your house. Fine with me. It was all buttoned back up as good as new when we got home.

We got in the car. I was wearing my sun dress. I wanted to find a stick on the way to the car but couldn't. That worried me. I looked so good I would need that stick to beat the boys off with.

Our first stop was the most wonderful, sun drenched, sweet smelling place in the world: The strip of grass in the Target parking lot. This place is great. It was created by one of the largest corporations in the world just for me to pee. I wanted to buy some falanges but Mommy said we didn't have time.

Then we went to an even greater place, a place where If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it,the most magical place ever: Petco,

We strutted in that place like we owned it (well strutting as much as we could with our paws slipping all over the linoleum.) There was an obedience class going on but when we walked in the entire group turned around and said "It's the Monster and the Mini!" (The Mini is my in town nickname with the other dogs.) Well that obedience class was just about over. All the dogs ran to us while the instructor said all her fancy control words, which don't work in the presence of the Monster (and the Mini). We decided, after giving sniffs of hello and catching up on news, to let them get back to work, less one of the paying Moms snapped at Mommy.

Then we got down to sniffing. Every dog in town comes to Petco and the smells are fantastic. Foley and I sniffed and slipped. We smelled and fell. We inhaled and floor mailed. And every time we went around a corner there was another pup to bark hello at. We bought some treats, we licked some toys, then we got in line, paid for our goodies and went to the car.

Our next stop was the village of the people who smell like prunes where Mommy and Daddy want to move. All the folks are very friendly there. We even dreamed about it slightly, until we remembered that realtor Donna was on our side and we were sunk. But as we walked long on that perfect autumn day we just talked about a good future and dreamed good dreams.

Then it was off to Grandpappies house but he wasn't home. I wonder if he was stepping out. So we spent the rest of the time looking at neighborhoods where people who smell like prunes live, and then we went home for, what I thought was a night's rest.

But when the sun set Daddy pulled out the caterpillar suit Hattie sent me, and the next thing we knew the Grandbabies were at the door.

Mackenzie was a zombie soccer player. She's at that age where she wants to use her own creativity, but she doesn't have a honed vision, so her decision making power is that of a zombie soccer player, which means the costume was perfect. Emily was a witch, and Kiley was my sister in insectdom.

Every time a trick or treater came to the door Daddy and I answered and little children praised the pretty pup in the perfect costume while Foley ignored the whole thing and licked her paws. I could tell by the way she was licking: She was seething.

Then our two little devils, Maddie and Meghan came over, dressed all in red. They like passing out candy with me so they opened the door while Daddy held me. I think the children were overwhelmed with cute and who could blame them?

After they left I stayed on the back of the couch waiting for the little costumed clowns but they dwindled.

By 8:30 I was out of costume, and tuckered out, but the bell kept ringing, which must of filled Daddy with the spirit of the Lord because each time it did he yelled "Jesus Christ!"

When I finally fell asleep (Thank you Daschund Housewives) I could have slept forever.

So take my fellow pup friends. If you want to have a happy Halloween find yourself a realtor with little chance of selling your house, open it, go have some adventures, then let the adventures come to you. A better day you will not easily come by

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