Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foley's new reality show: 90 and Dating

A week ago Mommy and Daddy had Mommy's brother and his wife over for Chinese food (loyal readers may remember this may have given Pocket a case of the runs.)

Since Pocket and I might as well face it we're addicted to laps, we both went paws up on our parents knees, with Mommy picking me up, and Daddy doing the same with Pocket and now we were part of the conversation.

But being well trained, polite dogs we just listened, and by doing so it gave me a million dollar idea, a show for TLC called 90 and dating.

Mommy's sister in law Charlotte lost her mother close to 20 years ago. Her Daddy remarried a year later (I believe he put in Christmas letter that the new wife awoke a fire in his loins) which did not sit well with his family.

This year, for the second time, he became a widow. After the funeral, he took home the book the mourners signed, and began searching the phone book for numbers to find wife number three,

It took awhile but he found a woman who lived independently and was not otherwise engaged. He asked her to meet him at a local restaurant for lunch. He got dressed to the nines and drove for his rendezvous, only to be found he was stood up.

He pulled out his cell phone with the high volume and the great big numbers. He called his next conquest to see why she was detained and the woman told him she thought she had been stood up since he never arrived to pick her up. He apologized for the mistake, and told her to stay there, her knight in shining armor would be there soon.

He rushed to her house, twice clicking over 30 mph, only to find the house deserted. He took out his cell phone with the really big number and dialed her again. She was at the restaurant wondering where he was.

It was then he realized his third marriage may be harder to achieve then the first two.

It also gave me the idea for my new show. Hattie Mae will you host? I think it will be a big hit.

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