Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saffron and Sage are our December 12, 2010 pups of the week

I thought we had an agreement with our humans.  We live with them as long as we can, then we go to the bridge and wait for their arrival.  Upon hearing the horrific news of Saffron's and Sage's Mom's diagnosis I sent Pocket to the Ladybug Law Library to procure a copy of this document.  It was stamped non-binding.  After a slip of the paw led to an hours long google search (I typed in non-bonding by mistakes.  Humans.  Really?  You have an interest in such pictures?) I realized that non-binding means we can't hold humans to the agreement.  What a gyp!

A special poem for Jackie

Oooh oooh oooh Jackie Pool
Don't give in to the rising gloom
Try to wear a smile when all you want to do is frown
Oh, Jackie, with the love of two great dogs you can't be down

Our hearts crumbled when we realized the same Big Bad C that took Freddy's and Sota's Mom Ms. Gina was now stalking Ms. Jackie.  Oh how we love Ms. Jackie.  She helped out our Mom without being asked, and never even asked for a thanks.  She has fought every illness that had attacked Sage and Saffron like a Mama Grizzly protecting her cubs.  Time, money, pain:  Nothing stood in the way of keeping her pups healthy, and there is nothing they wouldn't do to return the favor.

You live your life being the best possible Mom
Providing a happy and healthy hearth and home
There just doesn't seem to be enough words
To recount all the tales of your kindness we have heard

I have stopped trying to make sense of who gets their tickets stamped for the bridge, where and why.  On Tuesday Daddy told us a story about a 28 year old man named Tyrell.  His mother is one of his clients.  Daddy has known him since her was six years old.  He grew up surrounded by gangs, guns, and drugs.  He used to take a beating walking home from school for the crime of being educated.  But he never lost sight of his goal, to get out of the projects and have a real life.  Well, he did it.  Had a job, two kids, a wife, going to college, a place to live that wasn't supported by tax payers.  On Tuesday, while going home from work, while entering the highway, an 83 year old woman, exiting the highway, had a heart attack, lost consciousness, and slammed into the side of Tyrell's car, killing him.  When the police came to his Mom's house, asking vague questions about him, then returned to their car, she called Daddy to ask if she heard anything.  When the police returned she put down the phone and Daddy heard them give her the news of her sons passing.  Daddy said he could still hear her screams. Meanwhile, the drug dealers, the users, the schemers, his own age, who abuse their bodies and minds every day, continue to chug onward.

Ooo-hoo  Jackie Pool
You're a winner honey, you never lose
Ask the winners and you're going to find
They are just copying your kind

This whole sickness, death thing, it makes no sense.  It's random, it doesn't care who you are and what you have done.  It finds you and punishes you without rhyme or reason.  But sometimes I think it really targets the best of us.

Don't tell me that you're not aware
Of what you're going through and how much we care
We know it's not easy, not a natural thing
Like trying to play a song you can't sing

What can us pups do?  We did band together to bring the largest doggy site on the Internet to it's knees.  But this is much more difficult.  We can try to nose our parents into getting screened, but depending where your playground is it may be too far to get to the doctor, depending on how much insurance you have it could be too expensive, and sometimes there isn't enough time, or it just doesn't fit into where they are in their lives right now.

Ooh hoo Jackie Pool 
We're making wishes we pray come true
You've been places we've never been
We know you'll get to go there again

We can ask our parents to give money to cancer research groups.  My Mommy and Daddy give money to the Jimmy Fund and Dana Faber.  There are lots of wonderful organization out there.  But we also  know hard times have moved and don't intent to leave so money is tight, but a few dollars here or there can make a difference.

Ooh-hoo Jackie Pool\
We pray all your dreams come true
Our lives slip away like sand through your hand
Oh Jackie may it be many years before all your sand hits the land

But there isn't really anything we can do besides be Mom's best friend and pray for her.  We know Pocket is a doctor, but that's an honoree award.  Dogs can't really help with cancer.  Or can they?

Every day in your eyes
The sun never sets it will only rise
Moonlight and wine and pups some fine
For good friends two legged and four you have the time

Check out this link (while you're waiting Pocket and I will perform an awkward pause)  (I lick my paws while Pocket stares at me.  She then begins to lick her va-jay-jay and I nudge her to make her stop.  I glare at her.  We look silently ahead for several moments.)  So what did you think.  Isn't that cool?

Ooh-hoo Jackie Pool\
She's so sweet, wonderful and cool
She has been given news that was quite bad
But we're going to try hard to make sure she's never sad

Dr Pocket could really be a Dr Pocket.  We could sniff you and let you know if something is wrong.  So all of us together, including us pups, can held defeat the Big Bad C if we put our mind to is and not see any other Moms or pups suffer again.

Our hearts and prayers go to you Saffron and Sage and most importantly your Mom.  We love her and every day we send healing vibes her way,.  Maybe someday we can do more.

Ooh Jackie Ooh Jackie
Ooh Jacke Ooh Jackie
Jackie we love you


  1. This death thing is a doozie. Momma's cousin just got sick and died. Pancreatic cancer. He fought it with everything he had and wanted to live. He had youth on his side, but in the end, his only way out of pain was crossing over. Momma has cried enough about it and she commented that she knows of at least a dozen people that want, need and deserve to go. But the fact is, this is going to be a sadder holiday, and momma has to work out her grief.

  2. I am so shocked and sorry to read about Saffron's and Sage's mom Jackie. She is such a big part of the TB, always commenting on everyone's posts and making everyone feel at home in our group. I lost my sister suddenly 6 years ago, she was only a few years older then me, my husbands brother was only in his 40's and the nicest guy you could ever know was taken suddenly a few years ago. He owned Buck, Willow & Sam and treated them like they were his children. These were good people that I expected to share my life with for years to come. I continue to ask "Why Them?" My parents suffered for years before finally being granted peace,Why? No one knows the answer and never will. My prayers & thoughts are with Jackie and her family, Saffron and Sage need their mama.

  3. Oh how terribly sad for Saffron and Sage's mom - cancer is such a horrible disease. And they are such adorable pups - I've always had such a soft spot for cockers anyway. We got some bad news of our own last week about our cocker Abby, diagnosed with auto immune hemolytic anemia but she is doing a bit better after a week on medication. Still it's hard to enjoy the Christmas season while dealing with a health crisis and we sympathize so for Jackie and her family. She'll be in our prayers.

  4. Gosh, this is such sad news. It is so disheartening to hear when anyone gets cancer, but when it's such an important member of the TB family, it just makes it so much worse. Jackie, we have never spoken directly that I know of, but my heart goes out to you in a very big way. I don't know the details of your cancer, but I'm hoping that there is some way that it can be stopped with treatment. I had lung cancer 3 years ago and luckily I have beaten it so far, even though I lost most of my right lung because of it. The only reason I am mentioning it is: even when things look their blackest there sometimes can be a saving grace. I hope you have your saving grace and please know that I am praying for you to get well. As always, Foley & Pocket have done a wonderful job by honoring you, a very wonderful woman and a spectacular pawrent. Please get well, Jackie, please.

  5. Thank you for visiting us. So glad to meet the two of you, Foley Monster and Pocket.


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