Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jeni and Maya are our June 12, 2011 Pup of the Week

Here at the Tanner Brigade we have some members who romp in our playground every day, and some who come by once every month or two.  No matter how many times you come to visit, you are an equal member, and, if you need a paw over the shoulder, or a snout to cry on, we are here for you.  Our Pups of the Week, Jeni and Maya, may not have wandered through as much as others, but when they told us why, we rallied to their side.  They had the best reason to stay close to home, their Mom was sick.

Their Mom had a hip replacement in 2007, and things, as they often do in human operations, did not go well.  Like my Mommy with her knee replacements there was a great deal of pain.  But most doctors just act like Mommies can't handle the normal pain of the operation.  If only they understood that anyone who can train puppies can put up with plenty of pain.

Human doctors:   They do like to wait until our humans are so sick that it is a life and death situation.  Maya's and Jeni's Mom had diluted metal in her replacement and an infection of her staph.  Of course, with human doctors, their only answer is to cut some more.  She had her first operation of January 26, 2011, but the operation was only one of her problems:  Her babies, our friends, were placed in danger by someone she trusted.

Their Mom picked a woman to watch over her son and our friends.  While their Mommy was being operated on her friend went a little funny in the head.  She stole all their Mom's wedding jewlery and other special treasures she had been given throughout her life.  She pilfered every special non carbon based object in her life.

Some how this woman thought by having all these things she could become our friends' Mom.  The woman's husband had to come and take her away  Now she has to file all sorts of papers just to get some of her money back.

Now they still needed someone to watch after their Mom, their human brother, and them.  They found a man who was nice to the brother and to them but not to Mom.  And he sold some of their things at a yard sale.  People say animals prey on the weak but I don't think anyone does that more than humans.  And their poor Mom is still quite ill.

She has lost 45 pounds, has three PIC lines in, and in lots of pain.  She has lost humans she thought she could trust.  But she still has her babies to take care of her and stay by her side.  When she is lying down Jeni is at the top by her head protecting it and Maya, the sentry, is at the bottom protecting her feet.

All their Mom asks for is yours prayers.  She has a long time to go before she is back to her usual self so keep her in your heart awhile.  The only thing that is the same in their Mom's life is the love for her dogs.   What a wonderful world it would be it that was enough.


  1. This just breaks my heart. I remember Jeni & Maya from the old DS days and didn't even realize they were a part of our pack. Their Mama is great with canine nutrition & holistic health and we have missed their barks. Sending love and prayers their way. We're going to go head by their page.

  2. Wow, unbelievable and sorry their mom is dealing with this especially in her condition. I remember Maya from DS too. Sadly humans are more likely to prey on the weak & elderly. I've witnessed this many time during the time I spent at nursing homes and caring for elderly in my neighborhood.

  3. It is horrible the things people will do to others. Prayers and good thoughts for the humans and dogs.