Saturday, June 4, 2011

There is something familiar about that new kitty

I have been watching my humans closely and I think they are scheming.  On Friday we had a new kitty join the Brigade.  I don't know what I was thinking when I allowed this, perhaps too many Thirsty Thursday Foleytinis.  But Pocket was surfing on her compeeter when she found out something quite interesting about this kitty.  First of all the kitty's name is Tom Silvia.  Who would name their kitty Tom Silvia?  A cylon.  Exactly.  But there was something about that name that seemed awful familiar.  We started going through the portfolio that we keep on Mommy in case she gets any ideas about withholding kibble.  We checked her known aliases.   Previously she had been known by the last names Cambra, and Silvia!  (This before she was blessed with the name Gay.   Both a noun and a verb.  How useful.)  So this cat, and my Mommy once had the same last name.  How odd.  Pocket began to pant loudly meaning she had found something or peed on the floor again and needed help moving the rug.  Thank the Bridge Angels she had found something.  And it was on a link to our blog!  The weekend before Mommy went to a cookout at her brother's and did not take us.  (And you wonder why we keep a portfolio on her?)  She went to her brother's house, her brother Tom.  Which narrows it down to three possibilities:  His name was Tom Cambra, his name was Tom Silvia, or his name was something different and Mom's Mom got knocked up behind the barn one rainy night when there was nothing to do like my Mom and we would have to delete this blog immediately. 

Pocket then opened the Boston Chomper blog our friend Joyce writes.  Well there was this Tom fellow making food.  A man preparing food?  Not seen in these parts let me tell you.  Then we looked further and there was a picture of our grandbaby Meghan playing with a kitty.

The very same kitty who is pictured in the Tom Silvia profile.  "Do you know what this means Foley?" Pocket asked me. "Yes, for years Mommy has been hiding from us that she has a kitty brother."

"No Foley," she said.  "Look at the man cooking his weiner, that's Mommy's brother Tom, he's been over our house a lot."  I studied his calves  "What are you doing?" Pocket asked.

"I'm a Yorkie, I can only recognize humans from the calves down."  I studied it for several minutes.  "Yup, that's him, I would know those pale pasty legs anywhere," I concluded.  "Well this isn't good at all."

"What's wrong?" Pocket asked.

"Don't you see, I don't have a problem with AJ, if he played with Meghan he must be a perfectly fine chap.  But if Mommy and her brother start using our accounts to talk about other humans, well that won't do at all.  See what I meant?  These humans have been scheming."

So be careful my friend AJ.  Password protect your account and don't let your Daddy on your without your permission.  When humans get to scheming there is no knowing where they will stop.

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  1. Wow, you two should really join the FBI or the CIA or something. You are really good. We are grateful you haven't gone to the dark side.


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