Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nikki is our June 19, 2011 Pup of the Week

I am proud to say that Nikki is our June 19, 2011 Pup of the Week.  Or not.  You see, to be a Pup of the Week you need to be a member of the Tanner Brigade.  And to be a member of The Brigade you need to be part of a family.  Nikki's Mom isn't ready to admit that Nikki is part of her pack.

I mean she did bathe him, feed him, play with him, house him, and take him to the vet, but that doesn't mean he is a member of the pack.
  And she added his name to Sandy's, Maggie's, and Bo's names on  their page but she still won't commit to him being a member of her pack.  Well, Pocket and I downloaded ourselves to her house, took a DNA sample from Nikki, came home and matched it.  We have news for you Aunt Lea, you are Nikki's Mom, and he is our Pup of the Week.

Here is his story:    At the beginning of June a strange dog showed up at Aunt Lea's home.  He had rolled in horse vick and worse than that he smelled like horse vick.  Sandy's Mom determined that he could be an Akita and was not fixed.  (I have no idea how she determined he was not fixed.  I assume she threw a Pomeranian in heat under the deck and waited to see what happened.)  After that experiment she gave him a bath  to get the horse vick off and fed him.  At that moment Aunt Lea didn't realize that she had just got herself a new dog.

Aunt Lea's husband, Uncle Daddy, went looking for a horse farm that the dog may have come from but could not find it.  In the meanwhile the  dog had taken off and come home covered in vick again meaning two bad things:  one is that he needed another bath, the second is either they have a bunch of wild horses living around them or Daddy is real bad at finding horses.

Newly bathed, Nikki took up residence in the yard.  Pup brother Bo ignored him hoping he would hit the road.  And pup sister Maggie was frightened of this vagabond.  Pup brother Sandy decided to take measure of this invader and charged.  Within seconds they were playing like long lost kin.  Bo, at 10, finally accepted him like he had his siblings and took a nap.  Maggie still was scared of him and we don't blame her.  He was not neutered and hadn't seen a bitch in who knows how long?  She made sure the intruder was properly tied off before she ventured outside.

Where he stayed for two weeks.  He proved himself to be just like us, a'scared of thunder, lightning and gun fire (where did they move to?  Deadwood?.)  Either that or he knew that by acting scared he could finally get in the house,  Smart dog.

Maggie was starting to play with him, another step to being part of the pack.  Since Aunt Lea keeps a clean yard  she watched him and noticed he had loose Vick so she make an appointment with the vet for the dog who she named  Nikki because they don't take dogs without names, or at least that what she says.

When Aunt Lea took Nikki to the vet she took her spot, right on Aunt Lea's lap as she drove down the highway.  When Nikki gets to the vet he was mister charming giving everyone kisses.  The dogtor found out he had hookworms and tapeworms, nasty worms.  He also had a slight fever.

He was a year old.  And there was no trace of any previous owners.  When it was time to leave he did not want to get into the car and Aunt Lea needed some help.  Then they arrived back home, at their home, and Nikki took a long nap before going back in the yard to play. 

Our newest member needs some prayers, but he found his home, and that makes him Our Pup of the Week


  1. Yeah, it's really time for Aunt Lea to face the must. She belongs to Nikki now. But that's OK, cause Nikki belongs to her too and it's real nice to belong to someone.

  2. Nikki is a wonderful dog and, yes, I think I knew he was Auntie Lea's and Uncle Daddy's new baby before they did. All the signs were there: the baths, the food, the vet visit, the coming inside the house during thunderstorms and, finally, the other dogs accepting him into their pack. Nikki is a wonderful dog and I'm so glad he stopped at the best home a pup could ever hope to find. Auntie Lea & Uncle Daddy are exceptional pawrents and I have to admit, sometimes I wish I could live with them instead of mom. Love, Blazer