Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rocco AKA The Rock is our June 5, 2011 pup of the week

A long time ago, in the western United States, there was a dog pack.  This pack was both loved and feared by many.  Their names have faded like the color of leaves in the fall.  You can still hear thiem whispered on the wind:  Fay Fay, Duke, Pepper, Shams, Karma  As mighty as this pack was outside forces drove them apart,  The family had to move from Oregon to Germany.  And Germany does not want our dogs.   Not even are a German Shepherd if you can believe that.  The nerve.  So the pack had to be broken up.  This upset us greatly.  We remember when Fay-Fay gave birth to Karma.  I was so worried I spent the whole night boiling water and ripping up sheets.  Mommy was quite mad at me, but at least her tea was ready.  But back to the Pack:  One by one they had to be found new homes.  And one by one we lost track of our friends.

Their parents moved to Germany without any dogs, which personally would be my least favorite way to go to Germany.  They did have cats, but soon they would be going to Rainbow Bridge.  They kept us abreast (giggles) of what was going on in Germany.  They knew they had to find their parents a dog.

They worked very hard in doing so.  They thought they found one, but it wasn't meant to be.  The dog was sick and you cannot take in a dog in Germany if it is ill.  The Germans certainly have a lot of rules about dogs.

Those angels did not give up looking.  And soon they found their man:  Rocco AKA The Rock  As the angels said in a recent blog they knew The Rock was the perfect dog because he had a little of all the past members of the pack.  (He) "Has a lot of the packs traits.  He's got Pepper's curled up tail and the need to keep your ears clean and shiny.   Fay's watchfulness and fierceness.   My insisting the ball needs thrown.   Duke's cunning for rodents and Bruiser's way of flopping down. Just when he falls down it doesn't thump as loud. BOL and the puppies cuteness and playfulness. He has found his puppiness, from Shams and Karma. He really needed to be a puppy not a fierce protector, we have a daddy for that!"

So after miles of travel, and days upon days, a new Pack is forming on the other side of the world.  This pack will be built on a rock, on The Rock. And we will once again be treated to the antics of the crazy Puppy Pack.  It shows if you believe hard enough, and put faith in the angels watching over you, anything can happen.

So Rock, our pup of the week, I have read your blogs and can tell the delight coming from your words and your Mom's.  You have made her heart whole again, and when you start adding more members, her heart will grow and grow.  And soon you will be the mighty leader of a whole pack of dogs the mightiest of all of Europe.  I doubt the old continent is ready for you.


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