Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pokey and Maggie are our August 14, 2011 pups of the week

Not only have we forgiven Pokey and Maggie for their jaunt through the busy streets of their home town but we are naming them our August 14, 2011 Pups of the Week.

They are two wonderful dogs, great friends, the stories of their treks to their forever home is as riveting as any we have heard.  But this week we are celebrating them for their selfishness.  Many nights they have to give up their wonderful Mom, Aunt Laura, while she transports rescued dogs to their forever homes.  There is no greater gift a dog can give to his fellow dogs then sacrificing time with their Moms so rescued dogs living lives of misery can get help reaching the humans whose lives they will fill with love and devotion. 

We have also named Pokey and Maggie because I know they will have no problem with this condition:  They have to share this week's award with all the other dogs who have sacrificed time with their parents so rescue dogs can be transported on the Greyhound Railroad.  I apologize to those pups who do this and we have not named.  I put Pocket in charge of record keeping so we know what all our pups are doing.  But she was playing ball with Daddy, ran into our filing cabinet, and the records scattered everywhere.  So, for all you pups who let your parents do transports, make sure you mention it in the comments so you can get the recognition too.

Mommy and Daddy want to do transports but Mommy does not like driving a long way on her own and Daddy's nervous condition makes long car trips a dangerous endeavour.  These poor pups have gone through enough.  They don't need to be transported to their new home by a wild man screaming after being cut off on  '95 by a guy named Vinnie from Jersey in a Volvo (it is always a guy named Vinnie from Jersey in a Volvo.)  The poor pups would be breathing heavily on the back window, fogging up the window, and writing "take us back to the puppy mill" with their paws on the condensation.

Pokey and Maggie's Mom lives in one of the busiest traffic areas in the country.  As soon as she turns out of her driveway she is taking her life in her own hands, until she gets into the Northern New England states, as she is surrounded by busy highways.  People don't give way to ambulances never mind a hard worker on the Greyhound Railroad.

I think Pokey and Maggie must worry a lot about their Mom while she is gone, as do other dogs who have their parents give so much for our  brothers and sisters.  If your parents are going to make one of these rescue runs can you please post it either in the forum, blog, or the message page so the Brigade can pray for them.

If you are more the stay at home type, like Mommy and Daddy until they can get his head screwed on tight, there are still ways you can help in the rescue efforts.  One of our favorite on  line organizations is Pet Pardons administered by Ashley Hill Owen and Steve Hoar.  That's his name, not a FoleyisimPet Pardons posts on Facebook and Twitter pups who are on death row at their shelters.  What they ask is that, if you can't save a pup, you can advocate for the, by putting it on your Facebook or Twitter page or put a link on TB.   The more people see it the more likely there is that a shelter or a single person will save the pup.

It does are heart god to see that while we devote so much of our Internet space to silly little stories to make people smile others are using it to help keep dogs off of death row and find them homes.  And it means so much to see Muggles like Pokey's and Maggie's Mom who helps organize and transport these pups, and others who foster them until they are ready to go to their forever homes.

So a tip of our tail to our Pups of the Week, Pokey and Maggie, their wonderful Mom, Aunt Laura, and for all the wonderful Muggles who help us pups find the loving home we need to be guardian angels for our forever parents. All involved are our Pups and Slope Noses of the Week.

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