Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Blog-ja-vu and thank you too

I need to talk with my senior pup friends for a second.  I just wrote a blog about Mommy's car accident.  When I got finished it seemed familiar.  Then I realized:  I wrote the exact same blog two weeks earlier   I have blog-ja-vu.   Has this ever happened to anyone?.    Maybe I should cut out the Foleytinis and start paying attention, start listening to Mom, start following the rules and commands - maybe it is a new day for Foley Monster where I am like Caesar says, a happy, balanced, unspoiled dog who knows they are a dog.  Maybe when other dogs see how well adjusted I am - not being spoiled rotten - they will want to be like me and be well trained and obedient too.  Maybe it will change all the dogs on the Brigade, all the blogger dogs, dogs everywhere and we will have a better world between dogs and man!


Anyway Mom wants you to know that she is healing up fine after her car accident.  OK, she has stopped looking over my shoulder so I can tell you the truth.  She is more full of Vick than the Giants defensive line after their first quarter of football (hopefully)  Mommy is still hurting, some physically, and even more emotionally.  She doesn't want to drive, she doesn't even like to ride in a car.  Then again she rides with Daddy who is known at Cut Off Gay which I pray to the Lord means he is a bad driver.  She is still very jumpy, even in bed, as is Daddy, so Pocket and I spend most of the night bouncing around the like a cat at a flea circus.

Things are a little unsettled here.  Plus the first day of school was today.  This is the first time in 18 years she was not working on the first day of school.  She is like Bret Farve but without any money or downloaded genitalia.    She'd like to get back in the game but no one will give her a ball.  But hard times come and hard time go and hard time come and hard time go just to come again.

So like so many other on the Brigade we are going to hold on tight and ride out the bad time.  We have Pocket's birthday to celebrate:  Four years without an accident.  Four years of peeing on the floor out of pure laziness.  And when times get hard we find our little playground here and find the best friends in the world.  No hurricanes, no earthquakes, but we're still shook up, and like last week, we have our friends to help us ride out the storm and get to safety.  So thank you friends, we would be completely lost without you.


  1. Yep we had a blog a vu, deja vu..our paws are crossed hard times will go away
    Benny & Lily

  2. You know, sometime the worst injuries aren't the crooked neck or the sore back, but the damaged psyche. Mama totally understands, it's been years since she was in an accident and she still hates getting behind the wheel. Although, we do think Mama should ENJOY THE FALL. She has worked long and she has worked hard. She deserves a rest.

  3. Blog Deja vu happens. Our own momma is battling the shingles and she looks like Vick. We all take turns lying about how good she looks. I voted for honesty, but nobody listens....all we can do stay close and be supportive...oy what a life!