Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sierra is our August 21, 2011 pup of the week

While us pups are the most wonderful beings the good Lord ever blessed upon this Earth we do have our bad qualities (although we are never supposed to mention them.)  The wost one is that we are selfish.  Like a little slope nosed who has first learned to speak what we want is "Mommy!"  Last week we celebrated Pokey and Maggie for giving up time with their Mom while she does transports.  I know I hate when my Mommy is away.  I fall asleep, I wake up, I don't know if she is coming home or not, it's terrible. 

But you know what is worse than not knowing when Mommy is coming home?  When she comes homes with another dog.  That means sharing and we weren't built for sharing.  The thing about new dogs is they walk in the door and they automatically think everything belongs to them.  This is a big difference between us and humans.  When a human enters your house he doesn't pick up your toys, put them in his mouth, walk around the house, and squeak, squeak, squeak.  But dogs!  They just walk right in and everything belongs to them no matter how long it has belonged to you.  New dogs upset everything.  Your entire schedule is ruined.

This week our pup of the week, our wonderful friend Sierra, let a new dogs in her house, or, at least, did not get too upset when one was thrust upon her.  And this one that was thrust for the most special reasons.  This dog, who we will refer to as Tiger, because that's his name, was on death row for the crime of having no one to love.  But Sierra's Mom, who is a warrior for all us pups, saw Tiger and she could not resist but give him a chance at life, and either a temporary, or permanent home.  While Sierra was not thrilled, having yet to get over the appearance of her brother the Blob two years earlier, she could not let this poor pup die to protect her toys. 

Then something just awful and scary happened.  The shelter where Tiger was being kept could not find him.  They were afraid there was a problem in the paperwork and Tiger had been sent to the Bridge.  But they found Tiger safe and sound.  You can't blame the people at the Shelter.  There were just so many poor dogs there.

The only other test was to make sure that Tiger could co-exist with Sierra, which is as simple as an ice cream sandwich, and Nase, which is like trying to get along with an inflatable Pocket.  At first Tiger reacted badly but the people at the shelter said he had cage rage from being locked in the cage so long.  This is not to be confused with age in the cage which was a really bad wrestling match between Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan about ten years ago. 

It didn't look like Tiger was going to mix with Sierra and Nase at all  but when he was let out of the cage he was a different dog.  There weren't any high five and  welcoming hugs but everyone proved that they could co-exist under the same roof as long as is needed.

So tonight q furry little face sits in a house, smiling, instead of lying lifeless, because Aunt Vicki saw him and took a chance on him.  As did Sierra, and Nase too.  It is wonderful that people take in homeless dogs like this.  It is too bad they can't do it with human people, but dogs rarely slip out during the night with your liquor and anti-depression medication.

We have named Sierra our Pup of the Week for August 21, because for the second time in two years she has had to learn to share her home and her Mom with a new dog and that is never easy.  And Aunt Vicki you are certainly our Mom of the week, and you will be nominated for Mom of the Year, Decade and Century.  Nase, you are like Pocket, as long as you get your love, your food, and your walks Mommy could bring Qaddafi into the house and you wouldn't mind.  And Tiger, I sure hope you are a good boy and you fit in perfectly, and if you find a new forever home then bless you on your way, and if you stay where you are welcome to The Brigade.

And some day, if you stay with us, you will be our Pup of the Week.  But for August 21 the Pup of the Week is your new sister Sierra.


  1. Yip yip hooray! I was so happy when Aunt Vicki posted that Tiger was coming home! He looks like he's fitting in really quite nicely. Paws up Miss Sierra, for sharing your awesome Mom.

  2. Sierra looks like a sweet dog. Kelly knows it's not easy to share. She isn't too good at it herself. But those pups of the week are certainly very lucky to have loving homes and people who care.


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