Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August, 16, 2011 TWIB notes. This Week in Blogging

The Dog Carny Blog knows what dogs whisper to one another when they get close.  Boy does it set off fireworks. 

Speaking of fireworks you can visit our friend Joyce's Boston Chomper blog.  Joyce is Mommy's nephew's wife.  There are pictures of Mommy's nephew Andrews with Joyce and one of them and Mommy's niece Amanda.  This isn't the July 4th cookout that Mommy and Daddy went to, it's another one that I told Joyce not to invite them to.

The Dogs of Brazil continue trying to raise funds to keep their no killer shelter and clinic going for the many street dogs of their country.

Pet Pardons has reached it's 10,000 pet posting this week.  Read about it at the Lucky Dog Rescue blog.  Stop in and thank Ashley and her partner Chris Hoar (no, I didn't make it up, but Mommy married a guy named Gay years before Gay marriage was legal in Massachusetts so who am I to talk) for their great work and remember to advocate for these poor pups on death row.

Our friend Aunt Jodi was challenged to write a blog containing links to her best blogs and she did it in Kol's Notes Blog.  I love her for doing it.  Then she challenged me to do it.  Now I hate her.

Please keep your eyes open for the Possum Gang.  Pictures of them can be found on the Talking Dog Blog.

Gardening with Wyatt took us to the Portland Flower Gardens.

Today is Kol's first Tasty Tuesday blog hop and Tucker Tells All informs us of his favorite treats.


  1. BOL! We have such a love/hate relationship my yorkie girls. Your blog is under appreciated and the world needs your 7 best posts post-haste! 'Cause let's face it - yougirls are a big deal!

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