Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Gifts: Hobo's Balls; Smoochie's Sweaters; Apollo's Beanies and Sophie Bub's Mug

This morning when we got up to do our business there was a box on our steps. Of course it was for us. All boxes that come to our house have things inside them for us. After we completed our business requirements we came back to the house and Daddy brought the big box inside. He told us it was from Hobo and his family.

We gathered round as he jabbed a kitchen knife into the carton and ripped it open. And then he picked up what was inside. A beautiful, big orange ball. Daddy called to Mommy and told her that they got oranges from Hobo and family. We are so full of balls in this house we don’t even call them balls. We just name the color.

While Mommy and Daddy were looking at the orange I got on my back legs and had Pocket crawl up my back and get in the chair. From there she was able to tug on the box and pull it over to the edge of the table. She then stuck her face into the box and one by one dropped four of the orange balls on to the floor.

Let me tell you, for those who have never played with fresh Florida Orange balls, these things are terrific. They have a tough outside so you can sink your teeth into them and carry them around the house. And they are round, obviously, so they roll all over the place. If you are like Pocket and have BDD (Ball deficiency disorder) and lose your balls these are the best balls to play with because they leave a trail of juice on the floor, so when you lose your ball you just follow the trail, lick up the tasty juice, and find your balls. Leaky, tasty balls: Hudson you’re a genius.

Then Mommy came out, and get this! She says the big orange balls weren’t for us. They were for the peeps! And that too much of the juice is bad for our urine. Bad for my urine. My urine can piss off! These things are great. Mommy and Daddy had them for breakfast this morning and they gave me a little taste, so sweet and juicy. So, dear Hobo, please let us know who these sweet, juicy oranges were for. And thank you and your parents so much.

And while we are thanking there is my Secret Bub Smoochy. Oh how Smoochy has come through for us this year. We were so lucky that Smoochy was assigned to us. We got chocolate potato chips (then found out they were for Mom and Dad too, what is going on here?), a scarf for Mommy from Smoochy’s Mom favorite shelter, and for us two pretty sweaters, some little soft balls (not juicy), some treats and and some toothy treats. For a big dog Smoochy certainly knows how to dress a small dog. He also gave us the scarves on our Christmas Card photos. Love you Smooch.

Also we would like to thank Angel Sophie Bub and her family for sending Mommy and Daddy the wonderful Starbucks mugs, that was so sweet or her, and to thank Angel Apollo and the family for the beanie babies.

Outside of being adorable we don’t know what we have done to receive such kindness from so many people. We have also received gifts recently from the Lambies, Leo the Chow and Hattie Mae, and I apologize because was have probably forgotten someone who sent us something, but whatever it was we loved.

We have a couple of pictures below. Both of us are in the sweaters Smoochy sent. I am posing with the beanie baby that Apollo sent and the mug Mrs. Sophie Bub sent. In the other Pocket is posing with Mommy’s scarf, some treats Smoochie sent us, and Hobo’s ball.

Thank you all. We really are the luckiest dogs in town.


  1. Boy, you really are lucky. Look at all the cool things you got for Christmas.

    My Vickie says she has had some of those oranges and they ARE REALLY Good.

    Maybe they will give you some more juice tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Good for you! Those juicy oranges sure sound tasty and fun, too! Merry Christmas, my dear furiends. Love, Blazer


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