Sunday, December 18, 2011

You are our December 18, 2011 Pup of the Week

Congratulations you! You are our Pup of the Week. It’s about time isn’t it?

Now you might be wondering: Me? Why me? Well, because I have spent time on DS in the last two months, and if there is anything that it has made me realize how wonderful you are.

Don’t misconstrue my meaning. There are absolutely wonderful dogs on DS. I would love them to come here. I think they would be happier here. But then there are....The Others.

Some of you former members of DS may remember the Saturday night flights. On Saturday night Levi would be tucked into bed with his stuffed (or inflated) Princess and the members he monitored so closely would begin to fight, never about dog issues, but always about that someone said something that they shouldn’t have said, or was misunderstood, which started a fight which everyone needed to chime in on and the Saturday night fights were on.

I had forgotten how unsettling the Saturday night fights were until last night when a week of fighting between multiple members boiled over into inflammatory blogs being posted every minute, people threatening to leave, good dogs taking down their profiles because they could no longer stand the fighting. It was like going to visit the battlefield at Gettysburgh and finding the Civil Was still going on.

We hurried back to our home here on Tanner Brigade. As we walked the quiet streets, looking at all the pretty houses with the beautiful lights, dogs barking hello to one another and giving each other friendly licks we realized that there is no better place on the entire Internet for dogs, and their peeps then right here.

If one of us is sick, you are there; if one of us has been called to the bridge you are there; you are supportive and loving as a friend could hope for; if we need a laugh you are sure to have posted a funny blog; if there is a dog that needs to be rescued you are sure to have posted a link; if there is a food recall we have learned it from you; if we have a health issues you are the first ones we ask; if a human is sick we turn to the power of the Brigade for healing; if we want to party down you’re there with an invitation; if we need to laugh, cry, commiserate, scream, learn, get hope, it is you that we turn to.

Frankly, we would be lost without you. You are our best friend. We treasure you. If it’s been a few days and we haven’t heard from you we start to get worried, then we are so happy when we hear from you. You never have a bad thing to say about anyone and you always make us feel so loved when you leave us a comment.

Sometimes we forget what a blessing our friends are until we go away for a little bit. So we honor you this week because you are our best friend and your Mom is the best person. I love everyday when I get a card from you in my mailbox. And I hope that you know that you can always count on me, and I hope that I live up to my end of our friendship as much as you have lived up to yours.
So stand up and take a bow. Because you are a very deserving pup of the week.


  1. There are rogz dog beds designed specifically for dogs that like to chew their beds and necrosis.

  2. Yes, DS was certainly a war zone last week. Mom hated it so much she will be offline from there for awhile, if not forever. She has never seen such viciousness in her life. One of the people left her another evil email message today saying mom is trying to contact her and she screamed more filth. Mom in no way tried to contact her. She thinks this woman is just trying to aggravate her. We have never seen such evilness in our lives. It is truly peaceful over here and I want mom to spend all her time on TB. Right now, my little paws are burning from the pain of DS and I'm just praying we never have to go back. I like the quiet streets of TB. I truly do. Love, Blazer


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