Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sum Other Dawg

There is no such thing as a home with only one dog.  And every home with multiple dogs has a member of the pack their parents have never met.  And these dogs all have the same name,  They are called:  “Sum Other Dawg,”

“Sum Other Dawg” is the one who gets us in all the trouble   He (or she, they can come in either sex, but the one in my house is a he so I will continue to refer to “Sum Other Dawg” as he) is also the best hider in the house.  He breaks a lamp, rips apart the couch, counter surfs, eats what he shouldn’t, pees and vicks everywhere, and perpetuates several other crimes and misdemeanors and when one of our parents walks in the room and discovers it “Sum Other Dawg” is gone.

“Who did this?” Mommy yells.

“Sum Other Dawg,” Pocket and I respond.  

“And where is this Sum Other Dawg?” she asks skeptically.

Pocket and I look around and our brother is gone.   We run around the house looking for him but once again he has hidden himself perfectly  And Pocket and I are forced to take the blame for what Sum Other Dawg did.

We don’t see him again for days.  Then we find him on Mommy’s recliner licking it over and over again until the fabric is all sticky.  Pocket and I bark at him to get down but he keeps licking.  Then Mommy comes out of the bathroom and we turn to tell her that “Sum Other Dawg” is licking her chair.  The barks come out of our mouths, we turn to show her “Sum Other Dawg” and once again he has disappeared;  Mommy starts yelling at us over the wet fabric, which we had nothing to do with.

The truth is, like most dogs I know, I hate “Sum Other Dawg.”  That guy gets me in so much trouble.  And while Mommy and Daddy say they don’t believe in “Sum Other Dawg” I know they do because when we poo on someone’s lawn and Daddy doesn’t have  bag, and the owner comes out to yell at Daddy because there is poo on his lawn Daddy answers it was done by “Sum Other Dawg.”  He gives the same answer when Pocket is barking during her work and Mommy asks Daddy if that was Pocket making all that noise.  “Nope, it was Sum Other Dawg.”

So I guess we are all stuck with “Sum Other Dog” living with us if it helps Mommy or Daddy stay out of trouble.  I just wish he would keep us out of trouble, but “Sum Other Dog” is like truth in government, he only surfaces when it is convenient for some human.


  1. S/he's just called Somedoggy here and OMD the trouble s/he causes is incredible.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Wow we have a Some Other Dog too and likewise he is an excellent hider and we get the blame. The peeps don't believe us but what do they know? Not a lot! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  5. Yep, we have a Somedoggy at our house... So evil!

  6. Hello Furriends! Stopping by to say Hi and introduce myself...We're going to K9 Kamp together and i know it's gonna be big dawgie fun

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