Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kolchak and Felix are our May 26, 2013 Pups of the Week

It was way back in 2007.   I was eating my kibble and surfing the Internet.   I read a story about a new online network for (Get this!) dogs.  The writer was outraged but I was intrigued and the next day I signed up for DS.

The writer wondered what type of people would write, or enjoy reading, blogs written by humans from the point of view of their dogs.  The writer didn’t know the answer was the best humans.

I made lots of friends in those early days, and, when I got in trouble and bounced around the Internet, they followed me until we found the Promised Land of the Tanner Brigade where I stayed, and then found my way back to DS.  During my travels I have met over 1,000 dogs and watched many of them take the mocked art of writing a blog from their point of view of their and turn it into something very special.

Nearly six years since I started blogging it seems strange to meet a dog who doesn’t blog.  There is even a Disney show about a dog with a blog, who, if you are familiar with Disney and ABC, should be the first dog contestant on Dancing With the Stars next year.

Now one of these friends has been recognized for doing what was once ridiculed.  Kolchak and Felix were recognized at the latest Dog Blog conference (that is how much the phenomenon has grown, there is now a yearly conference) as having the best Bark to Bark blog

I cannot think of a more worthy winner.  If you have never checked out their wonderful blog I ask you to do so now, we will wait, just click this link.  (waiting music plays.)  You’re back?  Great.  See, we told you it was a wonderful blog.

The site is like walking into the world’s greatest pet boutique.  There are incredible treats that even my Mom can make, a place to play (K-9 Kamp), links to the coolest toys on the Internet, advice on the healthiest food, links for dog gear, funny stories and the best dog advice on the Internet.  Also there are lots of great games and prizes.  It the the most fun you can have on the Internet without having to lie about being older than 18.

While, of course, Kolchak and Felix are the creators and inspiration of the blog a lot of the credit must go to their typist, the irreplaceable Aunt Jodi Chick.
Our parents rely on her for so much information, our food, our digestion, our treats, everything to do with our health.  When someone posts a question she is there to answer, to help us, to keep us healthy.  Without her we would be at best lost, at worst not here.  She has given us dogs and our parents the best gift she could by extending our lives.

It was wonderful that one of our own was recognized in such a prestigious way by an independent organization, an even better that it was a truly selfless one who has given so much to our parents and to us.  A tip of the tail from all of us to Kolchak, Felix and their wonderful, giving, caring, smart Mom who we owe a part of our happy life to.

Thank you.  


  1. Looks like a great site we must pop over and take a look. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Clap...clap...clap!!!! Bravo!!!!

  3. Love pet bloggers! Great people...and pets!

  4. Whooa, we say hooray to you!!
    Benny & Lily