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Beaux Jangles is our November 17, 2013 Pup of the Week

In the human world people write stories about the accomplishments of other people.  Every once in awhile, they will write a story about the accomplishments of a dog.  For some reason they title these stories human interest.  On this blog we write about the accomplishments of dogs.  Occasionally we write about the accomplishments of humans.  Perhaps we should refer to them as dog interest stories.

Today’s dog interest story is about a wonderful pup named Beaux Jangles,  Beaux did not do anything special this week, except be the loving, handsome,  caring, sweet, charming dog he has been every week.  But by being this wonderful dog he made one of our Moms, Miss Yolanda, do something brave that led to the life of one dog being saved from a terrible death, and maybe others.

Miss Yolanda’s job is to deliver all the things we send to our doggy friends through the mail.  She would be our hero for that alone, but she did more.  Often on her route she would see a tiny poodle that seemed to be abandoned.  The poor baby had a huge growth on the side of her neck and the back of her head.  Miss Yolanda would pet her, and feed her, every time she saw her.

One day this week Miss Yolanda saw the dog near a busy intersection.  She jumped out of her work truck and put the pup inside.  She knew there was a rescue family on her route so she drove the poodle to the rescue house, holding the pup in one hand while driving with the other, which is perfectly legal if the dog is not texting.

She brought the little angel to the house and the owners gladly took the abandoned baby.  They promised to take good care of the abused angel, with a vet visit, a tooth inspection and a grooming appointment until they found the saved pup a forever home.

The pup was wearing a bandana and the rescuers removed it from her neck where they found bacon wrapped around her.  This sounded like the greatest invention ever, wearable bacon.  But it turned out that is was a nightmare.  The pup was wearing the bacon to attract other dogs to her neck, where they would attack her, eat the bacon and rip out the sweet baby’s throat.  Trainers who do this are sick and twisted, using us angels for profit in fights to the death, and this pup had somehow escaped them, and thanks to Miss Yolanda would be free of them forever.  

The good news is that the pup is going to be fine.  It has a goiter on it’s neck that will be taken care of surgically.  The rescuers hoped to have a new home for her in a few days.  

Miss Yolanda contacted the authorities to say that she had found a bait dog.  With a little luck, and puppy angel magic, these cretins will be caught.

So raise a toast and tip your tail to Beaux Jangles, a great pup who raised on terrific Mom.


  1. OMD that is disgusting. We have never heard of the bacon thing. Thank Ggd for Miss Yolando. We hope Beaux Jangles heals up and finds a forever loving home soon.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. We sure hope that the authorities find the bastards that did that to Jangles. They should tie bacon around their neck and throw them into a den of lions!

    We will keep our paws crossed that Jangles find a loving home real soon and that the little pupper will be OK.,

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. I am sick of bad people. Good luck little one


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