Thursday, June 5, 2014

Doggyspace Time

This is about the way posts are time stamped on the site Doggyspace.  If you are not on Doggyspace you may find this a wee bit confusing.

Having been part of social networking for almost a year I have taken it upon myself to delve into one of the deepest mysteries of social media:  Doggyspace time.
What is Doggyspace time?  It’s the time listed above our posts that designates when we made them.  Sometimes they say an hour ago, or 8 hours ago, and sometimes, and here is where the mystery lies, it says 4 hours from now.
Take for example my birthday wish to my good friend Marshmellow.  I posted a comment on his page wishing him a happy birthday.  I then went back to the main page and clicked Marshmellow’s page again and found out I made the comment four hour ago.  I know DS is slow but four hours to make two clicks?  Time flies while you are waiting for a download.
But that is only part of the problem.  Sometimes I wish someone a happy birthday and see that Pocket has wished them a happy birthday one hour in the future.  What kind of time warp is DS?  It can anticipate what posts we are going to make and makes them for us.    Also when I sign on in the morning the first thing I do is look at birthdays and it often says a friend’s birthday is today, so I sign on their page and wish them a happy birthday.  Then later in the day it says their birthday is tomorrow, and even later it’s back to today and I go to see if I wished a happy birthday and it says I said happy birthday one day ago, but was it one day ago, or a year and a day ago?   So I wish happy birthday again.   And my friend thinks I am an addicted to happy birthday wishes.
So everything we post on DS doesn’t get posted until four hours after we post it, even though the poster can see it immediately?  I think Obama has to approve our comments.  Or everyone can see it but it doesn’t become official for four hours.  Or DS is in its own time zone that is always four hours away.  
I guess the best thing about DS is that it is a place where no one really knows what time it is and no one really cares.


  1. We only blog and have to post at 5 p.m (at this time of year) to get the right date. We don't worry about how many hours ago. We find that stuff comes through at strange times....

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  2. LOL DS is in a time warp. Sometimes our comments disappear into a black hole . There is a lot of weird stuff going on. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Yep--we've noticed this too, for years. Oh, well--sometimes it makes life interesting.....!

  4. It is an unexplained mystery for sure.
    stella rose

  5. Time???? What's time????? Can I eat it? Does it taste like a cookie? Who cares, (unless it tastes like a cookie!) And as for all the birthday wishes....well, as long as there's cake (for me), who cares? We love birthday wishes!


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