Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sandy is our June 22, 2014 Pup of the week

One of the most valued traits most appreciated in pups is patience.  When I lived on the mortal side of the River I was known for my patience.  I never barked for food,or  to go out, or when I wanted to play.  I would just sit quietly and wait for my parents to finish what they were doing then be grateful when they gave me attention.  If my Mom remembers differently just remember that studies done by the mice scientific institute at the Bridge show that humans lose 15% of their memory each year so she is wrong.
I mention patience because for the last three weeks I have wanted to use my Sunday blog to recognize my friend Sandy but with the crossing over of Brooklyn and Susie and Nathan’s urgent need of a home Sandy had to wait.  Now that Nathan is settling into his new home it is time to tip my tail to Sandy.
Our friend Sandy has always been a very active chap.  His favorite activity is chasing squirrels, although any vermin, or even his siblings if its a low vermin day, will do.  A few years ago Sandy threw us quite a scare when he injured his knee requiring surgery.  But ever the champ Sandy recovered quickly, and soon was his old self, zooming across the world.
A few weeks ago Sandy tore the ACL in his other leg, and friends, this was not good.  Sandy is 12, and the doctors had their concerns, firstly being that any time a “senior” dog needs to undergo anesthesia there is a risk, and secondly, since Sandy already had suffered an injury to the other leg, it was unknown if that leg would be able to support his post weight surgery.  After much discussion the surgery was performed successfully (the surgeon’s hand guided by hundreds of pup and parents’ prayers) and Sandy once again came through like a trooper.
He was in the hospital for a full seven days and all of us angels went down and spent a night with him so he would not be lonely.  He got home, and even though he was working on less than one properly performing back leg he still wanted to rush out the door to go vermin hunting.
Sandy has a long slow recovery ahead of him this time.  He is going to need puppy prayers to help him recover so if you have them to offer please do.  There are plenty of vermin out there that need to be hunting.
We know you are patient Sandy, so keep being patient about being a patient and soon you will be back hunting down those vermin.
There’s just too many of the without you.  


  1. Sending prayers that Sandy is up and running after vermins soon!!

  2. Yes, be patient, Sandy. And we'll be sending prayers and lots of Power of the Paw in your direction.